BattleBit Remastered: Best Attachments for the Playtest

Start using practical knowledge to choose your weapon attachments instead of looking at weapon stats.



How did i tested all attachments?

First step. Go to the SHOOTING RANGE.

Second step. Go to the square marked on the screenshot.

Third step. Turn to the wall and place your central dot on holographic sight on the top of the third square on the wall in front of you just like in the screenshot.

Fourth step. Still being in sights shoot the wall with all of your bullets and see were did the central dot of your sight landed, mark the spot and move on to the next attachment.

Why not just use the weapons stats instead?

On the first screenshot, you can see the best attachments for M4A1 using the weapon stats on the bottom left.

Barrel – Long Barrel

Under Rail – Angled Grip

Sight – Holographic

Side Rail – Redlaser

On the second screenshot, you can see the best RECOIL-WISE attachments, witch was selected and tested using the REFERENCE SECTION OF THE GUIDE.

Barrel – Tactical

Under Rail – Vertical Grip

Sight – Holographic

Side Rail – Redlaser

First Group of Assault Rifles

First Group of Assault Rifles includes:








All of the weapons listed above have the SAME recoil (On 03/04/2023) this is all the BARREL ATTACHMENTS ! NOT USING ANY UNDERBARREL ATTACHMENTS ! .

Now this is ALL underbarrel attachments WITH Tactical Barrel attachments.

Second Group of Assault Rifles

Second Group of Assault Rifles includes:



SG 550




ALL of the second Group has ALMOST the same recoil.

Still using the same set of attachments:

Sight – Holographic

Barrel – Tactical

Siderail – Redlaser

Underbarrel – Vertical Grip

Magazine – Quick-A

Thanks to deffen for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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