Battle Teams 2: Basic Guide for New Players

A basic guide for new players who are new to BT2.
Current guide patch: July 6 2022


Weapon workshop

In BT2, you are allowed to carry:

  • 2 primary weapons of any types
  • 2 grenades of any types
  • 1 pistol and 1 melee

Usually, your bag should carry 1 auto weapon and 1 sniper.
In special cases such as Zombie and future PvE modes, you may wield 2 auto weapons to maximize your DPS and camping duration.

Gun types
  • Assault Rifles: Your reliable choice in most of battles, having decent recoil, bullet velocity and aiming accuracy but bad hip fire accuracy.
  • Battle Rifles: Hybrid of AR and Sniper weapons, can defeat most enemies with 2 body hits.
  • Sniper Rifles: 1 shot, 1 kill (these weapons have about ~190 dmg).
  • SMG: Extremely fast fire rate, excellent (not perfect) hip fire accuracy but extremely low bullet velocity, only recommended for short-medium range.
  • Shotgun: any pump action or having very few ammo are 1 shot, 1 kill at point blank. Magazine shotguns usually require at least 2 hits to defeat an enemy.
  • Pistols: Perfect hip fire accuracy but low damage, same bad bullet velocity as SMG. Any semi-auto pistols does extremely high damage in Zombie mode (400 dmg/hit at head!).

Weapon modding

A weapon can have some of these modding spots:

  • Extended Mag (highest +Ammo, -Movement Speed)
  • Special Mag (+Dmg but not worth on Snipers, -Vertical Recoil Control)
  • Quick Reload Mag (decent +Ammo, extremely high +Reload Speed)


  • For Deathmatch / Big Head Hero / any general game modes, I will recommend Extended Mag for MGs (extremely high +ammo), Pistols. Quick Reload Mag for Rifles, SMG. Special Mag for any non Sniper weapons.
  • Sniper mode should use Quick Reload Mag as you can die a lot in that mode + can dump entire magazine without notice to reload.
  • For Zombie and future PvE mode, always use Extended Mag to maximize your camping time, ammo increase in Zombie mode is also affected by your mag size.
  • The reason why Special Mag is not recommended for Snipers because the benefit of using it is extremely small, only +~3 dmg compared to most sniper hits are ~200 dmg.
  • Some weapons such as Kar98K, it’s impossible to have Mag mod and it will be replaced with “Bullet Belt” Stock that +Reload Speed.
  • Silencer (+Bullet Velocity)
  • Compensator (+Vertical Recoil Control)
  • Special Muzzle (+Headshot Damage, -Recoil Stability)
  • Muzzle Brake (+Horizontal Recoil Control)


  • Silencer is a must if you want to boost SMG or Sniper dmg, SMG have extremely low Bullet Velocity and it takes >5 body hits or >3 Headshots to kill enemies that are far away while Sniper is most worth in BR mode. In Zombie mode, using Silencer on Sniper can boost damage against far away enemies that can result consistent >1000 dmg per hit.
  • Special Muzzle is specifically designed to hit against extremely high health targets at short-medium range, usually Zombies (insane dmg boost!), Big Head Hero or BR whose characters are >200 EHP.
  • Muzzle Brake should be chosen if you don’t choose above choices as this will help you control the weapon much easier and increase chance to Headshot enemies if shot from body.
  • Compensator should be chosen on extremely high RPM weapons or weapons with bad Vertical Recoil.

Pretty straight forward higher magnification increase zoom but there are few things to notice:

  • 1 and 1.5x on Sniper have +10% Aiming Speed
  • >1.5x magnification have -Aiming Speed and Moving Shot Accuracy while +Vertical and Horizontal Recoil Control (Sniper does not have Aiming Speed penalty for <3x scopes).
Side Rail
  • Assault Laser: +Moving Accuracy and Movement Speed but -Vertical Recoil Control when Scoped
  • Tactical Laser: +Aiming Stability
  • Lightweight Laser: +Aiming Speed while -Accuracy while Hip fire
Front Handle
  • Lightweight Grip: +Aiming Speed while -Accuracy while Hip fire
  • Tactical Grip: +Aiming Stability
  • Assault Grip: +Accuracy when shotting and Movement Speed but -Vertical Recoil Control
  • Archer Grip: +Vertical Recoil Control
Gun Stock
  • Light Stock:+Aiming Speed while -Accuracy while Hip fire
  • Assault Stock: +Accuracy when shotting and Movement Speed but -Vertical Recoil Control
  • Tactical Stock: +Aiming Stability
Special Mods

These unique mods only available on some special weapons.

  • Bipod (for RPK): Massive +accuracy when lying, only available when RPK reaches max level.
  • “Bullet Belt” Stock (for Kar98K and pump action shotguns): +Reload Speed
  • None! Royal Flintlock pistol does not have any modding spots as well as no leveling available for this weapon.

Thanks to 1Click4Death for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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