POPGOES Arcade: New Achievements Guide (2.1.0 Major Update)

POPGOES Arcade New Major update 2.1.0 is now out, Here is a simple guide for the new achievements in the update.


POPGOES Arcade 2.1.0 New Achievements Guide

Defeat 100 enemies in POPGOES and The Machinist.

you should do the same as in the achievement “Pop Champ” But in The Machinist
you’ll get it in time

Win a battle while stunned by a Charged robot.

Take all the HP out of a bot without actually killing it and wait for it to do a “charged attack” on you

Hammering It Home
Collect both mallets from the BB-Bots.


There are 4 BB prototypes scattered around the east, south, west and the garden underground areas.

are trapped behind the wood marked with a yellow X

You will have to get more than 99 scrap and give 25 to each one until the battery runs out

Credit to Löwe for translating from Spanish with Google Translation


POPGOES Arcade Major Update 2.1.0 Patch Note (Spoiler Alert!!!)

The Machinist fixes/additions:
  • NEW:You can now break free special BB-Bots from the barricades in each cave once you have defeated The Machinist. BB-Bots will give you 10 coins for every scrap you give them. There are four BB-Bots in total, and they can each convert 25 scrap. That’s right, you can get 1000 coins by cashing in your scrap in the post-game! Exhaust all four BB-Bots for one final surprise.
  • NEW:

    You can now rematch the secret boss by accessing their Index page after defeating them. If you missed out on a certain achievement, now you can get it!

  • NEW:

    “Antistatic”, an achievement for winning a battle while stunned.

  • NEW:

    “Centurion”, an achievement for winning 100 battles against enemies in The Machinist.

  • NEW:

    “Hammer It Home”, an achievement for exhausting all four BB-Bots.

  • The sprites for the signs outside each Inn have been changed to say “HINT 1”, “HINT 2”, and “HINT 3”, because players didn’t realise they gave unique information.
  • The “E” button element in the top left of special Index pages has been fixed for controller users.
  • A scrap ore was misaligned in the west forest cave by one pixel. Fixed!
  • The beam of light in the south forest cave is now centred.
  • FINAL BOSS SPOILER: Robot Manora is now named Prototype Manora in their battle and Index page.
  • FINAL BOSS SPOILER: The individual pieces for The Machinist’s laser pillar now spawn from inside his burrow rather than behind it.


General fixes/additions:
  • The intro “STORY” screen has been updated to say “spinoff” instead of “fangame”.
  • ATK+ and DEF+ now both use “5” in their descriptions. One of them used to say “five”.
  • You will now be given the “Beastmaster” achievement even if you were given page(s) for free via the transition to The Machinist.
  • The “An Apple A Day” achievement can now be granted to players who had already picked all fruit in the free version of the game. Just play the Steam version and it’ll be given.
  • Some people were missing out on the “What Now?” (all achievements) achievement due to being offline when the final one was achieved. This will now check whether you have all achievements upon boot-up of the game.
  • The “Pop Champ” achievement is now earned exclusively by defeating enemies in The Dead Forest.
  • MID-GAME SPOILER: BB in the south forest has been moved slightly so that he can be stood perfectly in front of. Was a bit annoying beforehand.


POPGOES Arcade is a new horror RPG game released on Steam.

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