Kaz’s Adventure: Basic Controls

This Guide Will Help You Better Understand How To Move Better And Faster When Playing Kaz’s Adventure!


Kaz Movement

A & D / Left Stick – Move
W / Bumpers – Attack
Space / A or B Buttons – Jump
Left Shift / X or Y Buttons – Run
Esc / Menu Button – Pause

Tips & Tricks
Run Into Bob To Gain Extra Bounce
You Can Stop Running Midair Which Allows Better Control
Kaz Can Climb While On Swinging Platforms If It Turns To Far This Also Gives Temp Speed

Space Ship Movement
A & D / Left Stick – Move
W & S / Left Stick – Up And Down
Left Shift / X or Y Buttons – Turbo Thrusters (Sprint)
Q / Press Both Joysticks – Activate Air Stream {No Gameplay Effect}
Esc / Menu Button – Pause

Tips And Tricks
Stay Close To The Ground, The Camera Is Configured To Let You See More Above Then Below
Don’t Hit The Giant Meteor They Hurt
The Ship Cant Fire So Don’t Try To
Going Backwards Is A Bad Idea

Thanks to Harlow for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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