Amanda the Adventurer: Timeline Reference Guide

[SPOILERS!] This guide is simply a starting place to build the timeline of Amanda the Adventurer. All I have done is grab as many dates as I could find within the game and place them in chronological order. The information in parenthesis tells where to find the date or the logic I used to place … Read more

Amanda the Adventurer: All Tapes Guide

Here’s how to get four of the tapes (orange, blue, red and green).   Hints Here are hints to how to get them Wooly’s favourite pie Piano secret sequence Greta-chan Now carry on down if you want to see how to get them. Orange Tape This is the easiest of the three. You just need … Read more

Amanda the Adventurer: Walkthrough with Achievements Guide

Welcome to the guide and walkthrough page!   Foreword <3 This game is an unforgettable adventure that captured my heart from the very first glance at the screenshots. I am deeply grateful to the developers for crafting such a masterful and fascinating game, filled with spooky details and spine-tingling moments that kept me on the … Read more