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Foreword <3

This game is an unforgettable adventure that captured my heart from the very first glance at the screenshots. I am deeply grateful to the developers for crafting such a masterful and fascinating game, filled with spooky details and spine-tingling moments that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire experience. Thank you for creating such a memorable game trip that I will cherish for years to come!!!

Walkthrough part 1

Here begins the journey through the lunatic world of the most incredible game! The first tape on the table near the TV. Let’s watch it and make an apple pie:

Apple pie solution:

  • Put an apple in the baking dish
  • Set the temperature to 425 degrees
  • Set the timer for 40 minutes
Pie Flavored


Once a new tape is received, watch it. Amanda’s friend’s name is Kate.
After it play a melody on the piano:

Piano solution:

  • The music notes are the highlighted black letters on the signs near the buildings
  • Exactly – CBF
Beethoven in Training


The tape you received from the piano should be placed in the record player again. When Amanda asks the question what makes the sheep hurt, you should answer knee. During her second question, answer doctor.

Time solution:

  • Look carefully at all the clocks blinking in the episode
  • The time on the electronic clock should be 10:50 PM
  • The time on the clock on the center table is 3:45
  • The time on the blue clock should be 6:20
  • Take the hand of the clock on the corkboard
  • Set the hand on the dial of the large clock (near the trapdoor) and then set the time to 5:15


In addition to the new tape, there will be code to the safe – 826. Do not use it right away, instead it is advisable to look at the tape right away. The answer to Amanda’s first question is dead.

First ending solution:

  • The answer to the second question is not important.
  • Enjoy getting the first ending!
A Gruesome End

Walkthrough part 2

Feel free to press continue the game and open the safe with the password. The received button should be inserted into the TV and now it is possible to pause the tapes. Stick the sheet from the safe on the ัorkboard. And now let’s rewatch the first tape of making the pie again.

Notice this picture on the fridge. Pause the tape and set the oven to the desired temperature and go back to watching the tape.

Meat pie solution:

  • Put the cheese in the mousetrap near the trapdoor, and then put the dead mouse in the pie plate.
  • Take the fungus that grows near the dripping water and put it in the pie plate too
  • Carefully check the sign deciphering that hangs on the corkboard.
  • Then, on the shelf with pots, find a pot with a potato sign
  • Put the pot under the dripping water, and then wait for the potatoes to grow
  • Place the pot with the potatoes in the pie dish
  • Put all this goodness in the oven at 525 degrees for 50 minutes
Rodent Recycling


Take the second part of the videotape about the neighborhood and watch it. Do Amanda’s tasks. When she asks for whom it’s all for, answer wooly

Coloring solution:

  • Color the images in the order in which these buildings were visited, as follows: the convenience store, and then the candy store, and finally the butcher store.
  • Just keep doing
Crayon Cutter


Further, use the password to the toolbox – GUTS – and take the tape from there. Answers to Amanda’s question about the kitty: alone and yes ๐Ÿ™‚

Weather solution:

  • As soon as you notice a thunderstorm warning, pause the tape, go to the table and spin the wheel
  • When Amanda asks what the father of the chickens is called, write anything except a rooster.
  • As soon as the tornado warning appears, pause the tape and spin the wheel
  • When Amanda suggests looking at the sheep, choose other animals
  • When the flooding warning appears, pause the tape and spin the wheel
Tonight’s Forecast


Now watch the tape obtained from the wheel.

Second ending solution:

  • Go down the trapdoor
  • Are you happy?
A Fateful End

Walkthrough part 3

The game is coming to an end, but now let’s open the toolbox again and take the scissors. Then cut the doll’s head and take the batteries from there. Insert them into the robot.
Rewatch the Neighborhood tape closely. Notice the ad in the convenience store and enter those numbers into the robot – 150325

Robot and b-day solutions:

  • Then keep watching the tape. When it comes out, take the card from the table and enter the code you received to the robot – 081821
  • Next, this robot will say to put the oven to 325 degrees and 30 minutes. Do this.
  • Put the received candle into the cake, and then solve the math puzzle. The code must be typed into the robot –835161
  • Play a happy birthday song on the piano – CCDCFE
  • Put a candle in the cake and get the desired tape
  • Watch the tape. Your choices won’t play a big part in it ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Turn around and get a new tape. Watch it.
  • Later, there will be a tape on the trapdoor, and it should also be seen
  • Amanda suggests to count some objects. Count them and get the code for the wardrobe – 2862
  • Take the bucket and put it under the dripping water
  • Then splash that water on the robot
Happy Birthday


Best Friend


The key received from the robot will help open the mysterious chest close to the trapdoor. Open it and watch the “We can share” tape.

Good ending solution:

  • Tell Amanda that she can share her secret (answer yes)
  • Delight in the good ending!
The End


After the titles continue the game, and again repeat all the steps from opening the wardrobe until the final tape.

Boring ending solution:

  • Tell Amanda that she can not share her secret (answer no)
  • Nothing interesting here
A Hollow End

Secret lore tapes

There are 5 tapes in the game and now I will tell you how to get each of them:

Orange tape

  • Put a PEACH in the baking dish (it’s on the back of the normal oven location)
  • Set the temperature to 425 degrees
  • Set the timer for 40 minutes
Not That Pie


Turquoise tape

  • Play this melody on the piano – FACADE


Green tape

  • Take the pot with the yellow flower by the trapdoor
  • Grow it and give it to the doll


Red tape

  • Play the tape about the family (it’s in the toolbox)
  • When Amanda asks what the father of the chickens’ name is, answer Sam
Daddy Issues


Purple tape

  • Play the tape about the accedents (it’s in the piano)
  • Instead of the doctor, answer nobody
The Sad Truth


After collecting all secret lore tapes, play the final tape again.

  • Tell Amanda that she can share her secret (answer yes)
  • A new friend?..
The End?

Extra Achievement

Fish solution:

  • Fill a bucket with water
  • Throw a pot in the bucket of water
Splish Splash

Thanks to iwannaheroin for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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  1. Hi so I am trying to get the turquoise tape but everytime I play the in the neighborhood tape the ad behind amanda and wooly isn’t the music sheet

    • Hey! So once you’ve unlocked the pause button, follow part 2 of the walkthrough and you’ll unlock the In the Neighbourhood tape with a * on it. That will lead you to get the music sheet for the piano to unlock the turquoise tape.

    • The music sheet in “In the Neighborhood” will only appear after you pause “In the Kitchen” and change the temperature in the oven.

  2. Hi! That’s because you need to do the meat pie step, in order to get the other version of the tape, the one that will show the music notes ๐Ÿ™‚


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