Your Turn To Die Death Game By Majority: 100% Achievement Guide (EA Version)

How to get all achievements in Your Turn to Die.
*Early Access, Not Spoiler Free*


Chapter 1

Achievements in Chapter 1, shown in order of unlocking.

Chapter 1, Part 1:

A Playful Guy Appears!
Unmissable, play until you meet Joe in the prologue.

One Trial Surpassed
Unmissable, complete the First Trial.

To beat the first trial, you must whittle down the key using the sandpaper to reveal its hidden color.

Nice to Meet You All
Unmissable, complete the introductions with all the characters in the Central Hall after the First Trial.

My Hand Slipped
Missable, you must fail at protecting everyone during the Russian Roulette in the Blue Room. Simply keep shooting one of the humans until they die.

Even Meister’s Delighted
Unmissable, successfully beat the Blue Room without anyone dying. A simple way to ensure victory is to follow the bullet placement: 2 dummy, 1 live. This spacing ensures that, regardless of where the chamber starts, you will have enough dummy bullets to save everyone. Simply start by shooting at a dummy until a live round occurs. At this point you’ll know the next two are dummies, and the third is another live round, and so on.

The First Victim
Unmissable, occurs after putting the doll back together in the Pink Room.

Chapter 1, Part 2:

Despair and Resistance
Unmissable, finish the Main Game.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2, Part 1:

Scar-a Chidouin
Missable, You must play every attraction during the Sub-Game in one playthrough. Doing this requires you to only acquire Clear Chips from the main 10 attractions. After you clear the Room of Lies, you must not accept the Clear Chip from Reko. You must also not buy Clear Chips from the Prize Exchange.

About to Burst
Semi-missable, this achievement unlocks if Alice dies at the end of Part 1 instead of Reko. To do this, you must convince everyone during the Final Attraction that the Reko on the platform is a fake and sacrifice her to save Gin.

(This discussion stumped me for a bit, the final bit requires you to get Reko to sing and then confront her with the article. The rest should be fairly linear.)

Twist the Knife
Semi-missable, this achievement unlocks if Reko dies at the end of Part 1 instead of Alice. To do this, simply fail to sacrifice Fake Reko by the time the third injection is administered and it will lead to Reko dying.

Chapter 2, Part 2

Entrusted With Hope
Semi-missable, this achievement unlocks if you choose the Path of Emotion, aka vote of Sou at the end of the Main Game.

A Hollow Heart
Semi-missable, this achievement unlocks if you choose the Path of Logic, aka vote for Kanna at the end of the Main Game.

Chapter 3 (Part 1 as of EA)

Chapter 3, Part 1

The Invincible Dummies
Missable. To unlock this achievement, you must enter the banquet with every dummy alive. Except for Hinako, every dummy has an opportunity to die.

Ranmaru – He will be killed in the Sou route if you do not successfully reset his collar in the Electrocution Minigame. (Not sure if this is true for the Kanna route, but be sure to complete the minigame regardless.

Kurumada – He will die if you do not win the first Maple fight. In order to successfully calm her down, you must use specific characters to perform specific actions depending on Maple’s mood.

  • Sara: Act twice in order to signal the others to your aid. Once they come, snatch the keycard away from Maple.
  • Angry Maple: Use Alice/Reko.
  • Sad Maple: Use Ranmaru, then later Kanna when you receive the handkerchief.
  • Happy Maple: Use Kurumada.
  • When the friendship meter is around 75% completion, use Anzu to reconcile.

Mai – She will be killed in the second Maple fight if you do not successfully drain Maple’s battery. To do so, refer to the actions below.

  • Angry AI: Provoke using Kurumada.
  • Sad AI: Persuade using Kanna/Sou, Invite using Q-Taro.
  • Frightened AI: Intimidate using Hinako, Persuade using Kanna.
  • Any: Splash water using Gin.

Anzu – She can be killed if you do not beat the first Obstructor fast enough. To do so, refer below:

  • Investigate surroundings using Hayasaka to find the shovel.
  • Attack using Hisako to remove the “helmet”.
  • Observe using Keiji to notice the electricity running through the monster’s limbs.
  • Throw using Q-Taro to remove the body armor.
  • Search using Gin to find the flaming torch.
  • Trip using Ranmaru to get the monster prone.
  • Use Kanna to light the monster on fire, exposing the core.
  • Attack using Alice/Reko to kill the monster.

Hayasaka – Can be killed in the Library Fight if the books are not quelled fast enough. To do so, refer below.

  • Use Alice/Reko to identify the loud noise.
  • Use Ranmaru to destroy the smartphone.
  • Identify the second noise using Kanna.
  • Destroy the alarm clock using Hinako.
  • Use Keiji to quiet everyone.

Puppet Show Curtain Call
Unmissable, complete the banquet at the end of Chapter 3, Part 1.

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