You Will Die Here Tonight: All Puzzles Guide

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This guide contains solutions for all puzzles in You Will Die Here Tonight. And no additional information is provided beyond exactly what is required to solve the puzzle.

Spoiler Alert!!!

Library Puzzle

The Blue book is placed in Section 500.
The Red Book is placed in Section 900.
The Yellow Book is placed in Section 100

Iron Maiden Padlock

4 5 9 6

Shield Knight Padlock

King, Rook, Pawn, Queen

Wall Safe Combination

0 7 9 8

Animal Head Puzzle

Moose, Rhino, Goat, Lioness

Statue Rotation Puzzle

Three-Headed Dog: Right
Bird: Left
Demon: Down
Lucifer: Left

Art Gallery Puzzle

Flower Painting (Upper-right corner)
Child Painting (Upper-left corner)
Bumblebee Painting (Lower-left corner)
Butterfly Paining (Empty space in lower-right corner)
Skull Painting (Lower-right corner)
Heart Painting (Empty space in upper-left corner)
River Painting (Lower-left corner)
Lake Painting (Upper-right corner)

Shotgun Puzzle

After taking the shotgun, you must wait three seconds before moving.

There is an audio clue that counts the number of seconds, and the drips from the bottle in the left of the room can act as a visual clue as well.

Thanks to @willoneill for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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