Slice of Sea: Spice Latte Achievement Guide (All Pumpkin Locations)

List of locations for all collectibles for Spice Latte achievement (added to game in October 2023)



The October 2023 game update came with an all new collectible achievement! There are a total of 20 “Jack-o” items spread throughout the game. Picking up all 20 will get you the Spice Latte achievement. This guide contains screenshots of the location of each item, roughly in the order you will encounter them in the game.

Cliffs and Town Entrance

1. To the left of the starting area.

2. On the same screen as the shield item.

3. Next to the lever puzzle.

4. Inside the house with the tile pieces.

5. Next to the scroll puzzle to the right of the entrance to the town.

Around the Town

6. Up on the roof next to the inside of the town gate.

7. Outside the walls next to the teleporter and black trees.

8. Inside the shop.

9. One screen to the right of the rooftop shop, on the roof next to fishing pole.

10. Near the large house.

11. Inside the train carriage on top of a bed [NOTE: only accessible after acquiring ticket to unlock this area]

12. On top of the building with the green glass roof, in an open window

13. Outside the entrance to the crane operator room, under the stairs

The Sea

14. On the screen with the boat and plane, to the left of the boat.

15. Near the coral cave, by some green shells.

16. Inside the nautilus.

17. On the same screen as the entrance to the upper deck (may be difficult to spot due to fog, look in bottom right area)

18. Inside the room with the solar panel on the upper deck of the ship.

19. Outside of the ship navigation room, on the far upper left.

20. The last screen of the game, before walking into the sea.

Thanks to leiathewarrior for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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