Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – How to Play the Game on Linux or MacOS

A basic guide on how to play Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic on Linux or MacOS using Steam and Proton   Introduction Are you an avid Linux or macOS user who craves the excitement of playing or beloved Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic or other Windows games on your preferred operating system? If so, you’re … Read more

Workers & Resources Soviet Republic: WRSR Railroad Signals

This guide is created to explain the possible uses of RR signals in WRSR. It will provide you with simple examples that showcase everything I know about the signals behaviour and making a deadlock-safe use of them. The Simplest Thing Ever: One-Way Block Signal Block signals. The simplest thing ever. As long as you use … Read more

Workers & Resources Soviet Republic: How Make Realistic Forests and Interesting Mapdesign

An short Guide for Mapmakers how to make Woods and Forests more Realistic.   Basics Basics 1. Trees are not equal placed all over the Region. 2. Trees grow in groups. 3. More fertile Ground -> more Trees 4. Bodies of Water -> more Trees 5. No Trees on Grates, only Bushes 7. Make variation … Read more

Workers & Resources Soviet Republic: How to Create a Resources Overlay Map in GIMP

A simple step-by-step guide to adding colored overlays for each resource to an image of your map. This is handy to include when adding your self-made maps to the Workshop or for planning out the development of your Soviet Republic.   Read this first Note: You may need to install the GIMP dds plugin to … Read more