Workers & Resources Soviet Republic: How Make Realistic Forests and Interesting Mapdesign

An short Guide for Mapmakers how to make Woods and Forests more Realistic.



1. Trees are not equal placed all over the Region.
2. Trees grow in groups.
3. More fertile Ground -> more Trees
4. Bodies of Water -> more Trees
5. No Trees on Grates, only Bushes
7. Make variation in densety and placement to make in look natual.

I made this map to show you what i meant: Link

The Coast
Water is Live. More Water and/or moisture in the Ground the more plants will grow. Rivers, Coastlines and Wetlands will have more Trees and Plantlive to visibly communicate: This is fertile ground.

At first we place some Bushes in close proximety directly at the shore.

Make shure that you are randomly change the density to create a more natural look. No Plants are growing absolutely equal everywhere.

Now we place trees in small groups where the ground is extremely fertile.

At last we expand the River. Remember: Water is Live. At fist i use a small Brush to place Busches. Then trees in dense groups. Then some clicks with an bigger Brush to ease everything out.

The Result:


Trees are growing at places where they can get Water and fertile Ground. In case of an mountaines Region they will prefer the Valleys.
Here they are protected from the winds and here lies more earth.

But not to say that there are absolutley no plants on the ridges. But there are usually smaller.
Deeper down at Sealevel we place more beach Trees. So we can give an visual implication of hight.

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