Witches x Warlocks Guide for All Endings (Free Version)

This is a guide for the free version to get all endings in one save file!


I tried to make this as spoiler free as possible!

Make sure to learn at least 4 of Zero’s, Damion’s, and Carmilla’s spells to get their endings!

Potions required for each day

October 25 – 1 red potion needed
October 26 – 1 blue potion needed
October 27 – 1 yellow potion needed
October 28 – 1 red potion needed

Exam Day
Before the Exam
  • Sweet talk Ms. Magwitch (+5 all potions)

***(Save here!!!)

  • I will hang out with (target character).

***You’ll get the generic ending if you choose the last option.

Passing the Exam (with the least potions possible)
  • Glow (-1 blue potion)
  • Lever: Pull it anyway (no potion deducted)
  • Cage/ dried-up skeleton: Philosophise (-1 red potion)
  • Life Leech (-1 pink potion)
  • Dead-end door: Scent Track (-1 yellow potion)
  • -20 potions of any color (thanks, Ms. Magwitch!)

I only played the free version so I do not know if this guide could be used on the paid DLC.
Have fun playing the game!

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