ShellShock Live: How to Farm Free XP

In this guid I will say how to farm free xp


So, in this guide, I’ll show you how to get free XP.
1. This is more likely not to farm XP for your level, but rather to pump weapons
2. The farm is not very fast. This means that you don’t have to do anything difficult for him.

1. Game
1. Game
First you need to join or create a regular game
And yes, please read the name of the lobby)

2. Game settings
Они достаточно простые
They are simple enough
Map: Throwback
Mode: Scores
Type: Free For All
Players: 8
HP: Any
Wind: None
Shot type: All
Friends only: No
Turn Time: 20
Shot Tracer: on
Items: on
Max Lvl Diff: Any
Choose Wep Lvl: No
Warger Gears: No
Mod: None
Obstacles: None

Oh yes, I almost forgot, name the lobby XP FARM or FREE XP so that those who entered would immediately understand where they were. Also, before the game, tell all the players if they understood everything. Since if at least 1 player starts shooting immediately, then you will not be able to farm normally

4. In game
In the game, you must use items or weapons that do not destroy the landscape in order to skip turns. This is necessary in order for everyone to get exactly to the center!
Next, you need to set the angle to 90 (this is right at the top) and it is desirable to use weapons that do a lot of damage to the crowd

5. how it works?
Since you have chosen the scores mode, you cannot die in it, the point of the mode is to get points for the amount of damage done.
And xp you get from the amount of damage you dealt
(10 = 1 xp)

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