We Love Katamari REROLL+ Royal Reverie: All Sticker Locations

This guide shows the locations of each sticker that can be found within We ♥ Katamari REROLL.



Currently, I cannot for the life of me find the stickers for:

  • As Large As Possible 3
  • As Large As Possible 5

No matter how many hours I waste trying. I feel like they’re likely in plain sight and I’m just being really dumb.

If you know the location of these stickers, please let me know in the comments so this guide can actually be fully complete.

Another Important Disclaimer

This guide contains spoilers for the new Royal Reverie content introduced in this remake. If you want to be surprised on what goes on in those levels, I recommend not looking at this guide until you’ve experienced it yourself (and then get frustrated trying to find the stickers to those levels.)



This guide shows where to find each sticker that is hidden within We ♥ Katmari REROLL’s levels.

A majority of the stickers are of characters/objects from some of Namco’s old & classic games (e.g. Pac-Man, Mappy, Galaga, etc.)


In order to actually obtain these, you must first equip the Camera present.

The camera present can be found within Lazybones’ stage (As Large As Possible 2.)
It’s riding by on an R/C car driven by a plush bunny around the swimming pool area.

Déja Vu!

I’ve just been in this place before! (Higher on the street!)

And I know it’s my time to come home!

After having equipped the camera and once you’ve found a sticker…

Go into either of the two view modes. (Prince View or Katamari View, whichever works.)

Pull out the camera.

And snap a photo of it.

You must be somewhat nearby the sticker in order for it to work


Now here’s the list of each sticker and their location. (that I could find so far at least.)

Rainbow Girl
Sticker 1 – The Tower of Babel
Found in: As Large As Possible 1

On a calendar hung on the back wall.

Sticker 2 – Dragon Buster
Found in: As Fast As Possible 1

Under the painting that bridges the couch to the cabinet.

Sticker 3 – Chozetsurin Jin: Bravo Man
Found in: As Large As Possible 2

On the balcony next to the hole in the fencing. Stay where the 20cm barrier was and use the 3rd person view to get it.

Sticker 4 – Namco Classic
Found in: As Fast As Possible 2

Inside the doghouse next to the woman handling laundry.

Sticker 5 –
Found in: As Large As Possible 3

I seriously can’t find this one, if you do find it please let me know where it is in the comments.

Sticker 6 – Dig Dug 1
Found in: As Fast As Possible 3

Under the 50cm bridge.

Sticker 7 – Dig Dug 2
Found in: As Large As Possible 4

On the ferris wheel.

Sticker 8 – The Tower of Druaga 1
Found in: As Fast As Possible 4

On a flag in the out of bounds stadium behind a pterodactyl.

Elephant & Bird – As Large As Possible 5
Sticker 9 – The Tower of Druaga 2?
Found in: As Large As Possible 5

I seriously can’t find this one, if you do find it please let me know where it is in the comments.

Sticker 10 – Family Stadium 1
Found in: As Fast As Possible 5

At the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, must reach 12m to have it spawn.


Ikebana Teacher
Sticker 11 – Family Stadium 2
Found in: Lots of Flowers

In a den at the pond area occupied by a bear.

Sticker 12 – Galaga 1
Found in: Hurry, the Flowers

On a tree with an elf swinging on it nearby Ichigo’s location.

Substitute Teacher
Sticker 13 – Galaga 2
Found in: As Large As Possible (School)

In one of the top cubby holes in the starting room.

Sticker 14 – Galaxian 1
Found in: Hurry, the Students

Covering the mouth of one of the portraits in the band classroom.

Dr. Katamari
Sticker 15 – Galaxian 2
Found in: Lots of Friends

In the shop booth to the right from spawn/zoo entrance.

Sticker 16 – Galaxian 3
Found in: Hurry, Your Friends

At the bottom of the hill on a well occupied by a pig.

Crane Hat Boy
Sticker 17 – Genpei Toma Den
Found in: A Thousand Cranes

Hiding behind an Apple Carton in the same room with the cranes doing a musical performance.

Just-Right Girl
Sticker 18 – Family Jockey
Found in: Small Perfect

Outside between two cinder blocks next to the box with 3 cats.

Sticker 19 – Libble Rabble
Found in: Middle Perfect

Inside a fridge with bananas in the same room where Peso can be found.

Sticker 20 – Mappy 1
Found in: Big Perfect

On the end of the Great Wall of China nearby Theodore Roosevelt and a dozen Trojan horses. It’s very easy to miss.


Cowbear Farmer
Sticker 21 – Mappy 2
Found in: Cows or Bears

Aboard the cargo ship on a red container facing away from the island.

Excited Baby
Sticker 22 – Metro-Cross
Found in: Fifty Only

Behind the sign leading to the Safari Zone.

Cleanly Mom
Sticker 23 – Wonder Momo 1
Found in: Cleanup

Under the desk on the left side.

Sticker 24 – Wonder Momo 2
Found in: Accepting Donations

At the apartments, other side from where the wedding is held behind some trees.

Hansel & Gretel
Sticker 25 – Ordyne
Found in: Gingerbread House

Hidden under the Big Tart with a fork in it. Roll it up to reveal the sticker.

Sticker 26 – Pac-Man 1
Found in: Sweetsville

Right behind you upon spawning in. Just turn around, it’s really hard to miss.

Float Boy
Sticker 27 – Pac-Man 2
Found in: As Large As Possible (Pond)

Surface level on a tree stump.

Sticker 28 – Pac-Man 3
Found in: As Fast As Possible (Pond)

Underwater between some rocks with an alligator, behind where Sticker 27 was.


Camper Man
Sticker 29 – Pac-Man 4
Found in: Small Fire

Behind a sink facing the hill.

Sticker 30 – Rally-X 1
Found in: Middle Fire

Behind the green tent where the kayaking class is taking place.

Sticker 31 – Rally-X 2
Found in: Big Fire

Behind the waterfall.

Sticker 32 – Rolling Thunder
Found in: Vs. Komusubi

On the front of a green bus with a dinosaour on it, parked in the apartment section of the map.

Sticker 33 – Sky Kid
Found in: Vs. Ozeki

At the school behind a tree.

Sticker 34 – Dragon Spirit 1
Found in: Vs. Yokozuna

Inside the train station booth. Get it before you’re too big to see it.

Snow Child
Sticker 35 – Dragon Spirit 2
Found in: Snowman

Upper half of the map on the igloo’s entrance.

Book Worm
Sticker 36 – Dragon Spirit 3
Found in: Lots of Fireflies

Hiding behind the waterfall, much closer to the water than Sticker 31.

Mutsuo Hoshino
Sticker 37 – Splatterhouse 1
Found in: You’re it!

Under the umbrella next to the boxing ring.

Sticker 38 – Splatterhouse 2
Found in: Racetrack

On a door outside of the map’s boundaries.

Sticker 39 – Family Tennis
Found in: Town

On the clock tower facing the railroad.

Sticker 40 – Toy Pop 1
Found in: Snow

On the star of the giant Christmas tree.


Study Time
Sticker 41 – Toy Pop 2

Under the bookshelf on the desk you spawn on.

Sticker 42 – Valkyrie no Boken 1

Under the bed.

Ballerina Hunt
Sticker 43 – Valkyrie no Boken 2

Arctic Zone next to the seats, facing away from the hill.

Sticker 44 – Wagyan Land

Safari Zone where the camels and lions are.

Extra Special Training
Sticker 45 – Mojipittan 1

On the door of the cabin up the hill.

Sticker 46 – Mojipittan 2

On the “No Swimming” sign that two pigs are looking at.

Lots of Wheels
Sticker 47 – Xevious

At the pit stop facing away from the track.

Sticker 48 – Yokai Dochuki

On the first bridge after leaving the starting line and heading to the docks.

Night School
Sticker 49 – Klonoa

Under the end desk of the ramen-eating ghosts in the room where the Flute Piano is located.

Sticker 50 – Mr. Driller

Against the wall in the open and unoccupied bathroom stall.

Thanks to Shrimp for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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6 thoughts on “We Love Katamari REROLL+ Royal Reverie: All Sticker Locations”

  1. sticker in Grandpa Large as Possible: starting from train station, head just right of taxi, passing through the square with a clock tower. head straight up the hill towards a wall of tvs. to the left of tvs you’ll see a vacuum display. directly across from the vacuum display, there is a fish stand and the sticker is on the left side of the fish display.

  2. elephant and bird as large as possible 5 – The sticker is on the tablet of the statue of liberty out in the ocean.

  3. The sticker in As Large As Possible 3 is at the fish vendor, on display behind a squid, you’ll have to reach 50cm and cross the bridge into town. The sticker in As Large As Possible 5 is inside the Statue of Liberty’s book. You’ll have to get large enough to cross the water to get there.


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