Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Gate Daemonhunters: All Knight Passive Benefits

This is an ongoing list of all the passive Bonuses a Knight can be created with or aquire later, for example by promotion or by “winning” a random Event



Over the course of the Game, your Knight will aquire several passive Benefits, called “Talents”, that can be seen by hovering over the central capstone of the talent tree. There are 4 ways to get them: Some are inherent to a class, then every Knight will be created with one passive Talent asigned randomly. Later on into the game, once your built the Surgical unit in the Apothecarion of your ship, Knights that sustained critical injuries during battle will get “Augmetics” once they recover. And lastly, there are rare random Events that can give Knights additional Bonuses.

Class Talents

Every Class gets their own unique benefit that suits their prefered playstyle. For the 8 classes, these are as follows:

  • Apothecary – Can equip the Narthecium melee weapon, which unlocks healing abilities
  • Purgator – Can equip Psylencer, Psycannon and Incinerator Weapons
  • Interceptor – The melee attacks of the Interceptor cannot be parried by enemies
  • Justicar – Gets +1 additional Armour when using the Aegis Shield ability
  • Chaplain – Starts with +1 Armour at Level 1 and can only use Terminator Armour
  • Paladin – Can equip Storm Shields and can only use Terminator Armour
  • Purifier – Can equip Psylencer, Psycannon and Incinerator and is Immune to Hazards
  • Librarian – Starts with 2 WP at Level 1 and can only use Terminator Armour

Baseline Talents

Every Knight that joins your ranks will be created with one randomly selected Talent. Although these do not seem to be tied to the knight’s Class in any way (looking at you, Interceptor with +10% Range Crit), most of them are generally useful. Here is a list of the ones I found so far:

  • Eagle Eye – +10% Range Crit Chance
  • Devoted Practitioner – Get 1 additional Ability Point at Rank 3, 5 and 9, but get -25% XP
  • Resilient – +10% Resistance
  • Provident – +1 Ammo for Ranged Weapons
  • Duelist – +10% Afflict Chance (Focus) for melee Weapons
  • Omnissiahs Chosen – Double the Effect of Augmetics
  • Skull Keeper – +1 Use for all equipped Servo Skulls
  • Quartermaster – +1 Use for all equipped Grenades
  • Fast Recovery – +2 Healing received
  • Aegis Adept – +2 Armor on Aegis Shield use
  • Throwing Arm – +5 Range for all equipped Grenades
  • Deathless – NEVER die when receiving a critical Wound, but has -2 WP
  • Indomitable – +2 Health at level 1


For your Knights to receive Augmetics, you need to first build the SURGICAL UNIT on your Ship, the second Upgrade to the Apothecarion. Then, your knight has to suffer a Critical Wound in Combat (go to 0 HP). If they survive the Mission (not get downed a second time), they will get Augmetics after their recovery. These provide small Bonuses to your Knights. So far, I have seen the following:

  • Subskin Leg Armor – Get +2 Max HP permanently
  • Armor Reinforcement – Get +1 Armor permanently


Additional (Credit to Talesin)

Great Destiny – +2 Max HP, + 1 Max Wp, +1 dmg for melee attacks, cannot gain resilience
Farseer – +3 range for ranged attacks with Stormbolter
Venerable Soul – +1 Max WP at lvl 1
Cultbane – +10% Crit for all melee and ranged attack vs Organic enemies
Blademaster – +5% Crit for all their melee attacks
Crack Shot – +2 Crit Dmg for all their ranged attacks.

Thanks to Khamael for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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