Wandering Sword: Companions and Followers Guide

A simple guide on finding companions in the game along with their requirements and timing.


Acknowledgments and Credits


Not all of the information are from me as some are from the discussion threads here

Please add in the comments below if you have information to add and I will dutifully add you to the credits.

I am consolidating the information in one spot so future players (and forgetful players such as myself) will have an easier time finding and recruiting companions and followers.
For the record, I play the game in Traditional Chinese… but read and write in English; go ahead and figure out what’s wrong with my brain.
As more info becomes available, I will eventually update the guide accordingly or add a contributor.

The order of companions are based on the order I found them in.

Each section will have spoilers

  • Their Starting Location
  • Recruiting Conditions (Potential spoilers)
  • The Companion Quest (spoilers)
  • My own observations/opinions (safely ignore)
  • Weapon Type*

There will be no tier list as this is grind-game, if you want a companion level raised, grind them until they are at the level you want them at (Good luck!).

The final section will cover story-specific characters, who will affect the ending text of the game (spoilers obviously).


1. Wei Huo – Tutorial guy, Quiet Nakama

Starting Location:

Wutong Village, Recruit at Wutong Village

Recruiting Condition:

Gift until his affection reaches 20.
Beat him in a spar.
Gift until his affection reaches 60.

Companion Quest

Kill Boars in Wild Board Woods
Beat some Bandits at Lotus Lake
Bring him to a scam martial artist in Yanfu Town, beat said scamming artist.
Bring him to the waterfall in Sandalwood Forest (near the entrance), east of Yanfu Gown.


Nakama to the end. Complete his quest line to get a good spear/stick martial art.
Uses Polearm

2. Bai Jin – True Neutral Rogue Bro

Starting Location:

Available after the main story of rescuing children from Mount Wanzi
Luo Village, Recruit at Petalsfall Forest

Recruiting Condition:

Meet him near the waiter in Luo Village
Complete his side quest in Mount Wanzi.
Tell him the owner of Mount Wanzi – Affection +30
Meet him in Petalsfall Forest (West Side of the the world map).
You can purchase the 5 booze in Tancheng City’s inn before or during the quest.
Complete his side quest in “The Precipice” (climbing to the top).

Companion Quest:
Raise his affection to 80.
Available after progressing through the main story and the northern region (outerland) is unlocked.
Thanks to @Bigger Than A Breadbox
You can save Bai Jin in his companion quest by going to linchang instead of trying to get the orders in valley of dragons slumber
Otherwise he yolos.

A true neutral rogue who has no qualms stealing and beating people (didn’t read him as the type who kills for fun; he simply enjoys trolling people he doesn’t like). He is wandering the world without a care. Be a bro to him so he learns to be more compassionate.

Uses Hidden weapon, literally your only ranged DPS until Leng Wuqing can be recruited around half the game.

3. Shangguan Hong – Best Girl / Senpai Girl type

Starting Location:

Pingkang City

Recruiting Condition:

Complete the side quest from Pingkang City in Murkwood for Toad Epidermis.
Then gift her until her affection raises (40)
She asks you to go with her to train her techniques at Qingmu Sect.
The Qingmu Sect master will tell you to collect 5 bamboos.
After collecting 5 bamboos and returning to the sect master, Shangguan Hong will join you.

Companion Quest:

Raise her affection up more (~70) and she will ask you to meet the Qingmu sect master for a spar to learn the final technique.
It is a duel between her and the Qingmu sect master, so make sure Shangguan Hong is raised to match.


Best girl, her base stats are strong and she has plenty of sword skills.
Disappointing she isn’t the main girl.

Disappointing the game doesn’t have a satisfying conclusion for her given the time she spends/spent with the protagonist.

4. Sima Ling – Little Sister / Kouhai type

Starting Location:

Qingmu Sect

Recruiting Condition:

Complete Shangguan Hong’s companion quest.
Complete Sima Ling’s First Request.
Gift until affection is 50
Complete Sima Ling’s Second request to beat her sisters in a spar.

Companion Quest:

Bring her and Shangguan Hong to jinli village to watch some fish on the bridge.
Raise her affection again (~80?) to trigger her last quest.
Bring her and Shangguan Hong to Gusu City (make sure Sima Ling is raised, as she must solo a difficult fight).


2nd Best girl, can be a bit annoying at first but most likely you’ll come to like her. Takes a long time to recruit her because she is only available after completing Shangguan Hong’s quest line.
Also must bribe with rare gifts.
Uses Saber and can handle a good number of weak mobs alone.

Disappointing the game doesn’t allow harem options Shangguan Hong + Sima Ling nor does it have a satisfying conclusion for the 2 given the time the protagonist spends/spent with them.

5. Lu Xianer – Tomboy(?)

Starting Location:

Starts in Gusu City, East Side, Recruited at Wutong Village

Recruiting Condition:

She becomes available only after you become a student of the Wudang Sect.
You need to fight and fight to save her in Gusu on the fighting stage (located in the far right side of the city).

Companion Quest:
You can start the quest early… but you won’t be able to complete it until much later when the western region is unlocked as part of the main story line.
So pay a visit to Pingyang Fortress
Find the son in Tianshui City, witness him get intimidated by granny Mu.
Lu will tell you to look for granny Mu (don’t remember affection rating, but ~80?)
You can find Granny Mu at Skyline Mont, the innermost portion of it (past where Yaoji double crosses the Condor School traitor).
Then head north again, into Longmen Canyon and kill 10 enemies.
You’re rewarded with a 2nd Class Red Fangtian Huaji (Sky-piercing Halberd) and a unique move, Pearl Flower Spear.

Decent tanky spear/stick follower.
Uses Polarm if it wasn’t obvious; pretty good at dealing with weak mobs as well.
Probably a lesbian from how she described having no interest in men and having no trouble beating men.

6. Kong Liang – Former Enforcer/Hitman

Starting Location:

Starts in Yanfu Town, northeast corner section.
After finishing his request, he can be recruited in Tancheng City, northeast corner in the upper level.

Recruiting Condition:

You must be an Wudang Sect Disciple, but too much beyond I think senior or Elite status.
Meaning Kong Lian is only available BEFORE a certain point in the main story line.
He likely dies if you didn’t/don’t fight to save him from his old sect.
Fight and complete his request, his affection is maxed at 100 after his request.

Companion Quest:
None, from what I can tell, he is pretty much done living the dangerous life. Though I wonder if there is a quest or follow-up to treat his fiance/wife’s condition (as she only got an extension to live, not a cure).

An honorable former hit man. Actually great that he doesn’t need excessive grinding and gifting.

7. Chen Lenxi – Prideful (Shallow) Fighter with Ego Issues.

Starting Location:

Pingkang City, south area inside the martial club.

Recruiting Condition:

Only available after a certain point in the main story line.
You need to beat his pupils, then beat him, then beat him and his pupils.

Companion Quest:

Raise his affection to ~60? or ~70? He’ll ask you to go with him to investigate murders that were done using his family’s martial techniques.
Apparently, he’ll come after the MC with murderous intent due to overwhelming Envy if his affection is above a certain value (>= 70?)… So criticize him to knock him down a peg to stop him from trying to kill the MC.
You have to let him get taken in by the detective during his quest (Do not defend him) or you will lose him forever.


He has ego issues and a fairly weak willpower without strong principles (very much a talented person without a direction in life).
Uses Fists, and probably the first one to join you… but given how underwhelming fists are for most of the game, yeah.

8. Ye Fei – The True Wanderer

Starting Location:

After completing the Leijia Village quest chain and crushing the Tianlong Gang advisor, he can be found in Lotus Lake.

Recruiting Condition:

Only available after a certain point in the main story line.
You need to complete the side quest of crushing the Tianlong gang’s advisor.

Companion Quest:

None from what I can tell, his affection seems to be locked at 60. A pity because the guy seems to have a lot of backstory and knowledge about dirty dealings among the big sects.


He adds additional dialogue to a number of side quests based on his past. Notably during the beggars sect battle and a few more in the western region. Decent guy all-around; very much would have retired and live in seclusion if he didn’t have buddies still F***ing around.
Uses a sword and decent at it too, but Shangguan Hong should be well-leveled at this point in the game.


9. Huo Changqing – Mysterious Traveler

Starting Location:

Fancheng City, go inside the inn and trigger the scene and a quick fight.

Recruiting Condition:

Only available after a certain point in the main story line, when the MC is told to head north after Mingjian Festival.
As soon as you leave Beishan Village, head west and into Fancheng City’s inn.

You need to follow her and save her in Chenjia Village.
I think it is possible to miss her if you don’t show up at Fancheng City’s Inn As she likely dies yoloing.

Companion Quest:

Unknown, I got her affection to 70 but she doesn’t ask to do anything… Then I rushed to finished my first playthrough.


A traveling foreigner from west of Fancheng on a journey for justice.

Uses a sword, but I found her to be inferior to Shangguang Hong in every way by this part of the game.

She is likely modeled after a Character in Jingyong novel (霍青桐)… but I have not figured out her companion quest conditions yet… If she has any.

10. Leng Wuqing – Sickly Schemer

Starting Location:

Leijia Village, after completing the entire quest chain, he should be in the Peach Blossom Forest

Recruiting Condition:

Only available after a certain point in the main story line.
He appears in the Peach Blossom Forest after the battle of Mount Windless and Tianlong Gang is completed destroyed. (Not before, probably having to deal with his shi**y boss from his last job).
You need to complete the side quest of crushing the Tianlong gang’s advisor in the side quest “Leijia Village”.
I had Ye Fei with me… But I am not sure if he is required.
Also, having Shangguang Hong and Sima Ling also adds additional dialogues about the marvels of hidden martial techniques.

Companion Quest:
None? It looks like his recruitment is his quest.
By the way, his friend disses you quite hard given that they would have failed without you

Working (or worked) for the wrong guy. Given this fella’s talent, he could have done much better. Also, why is his portrait of him standing rather than in the wheelchair?
Uses Hidden weapon, decent damage potential and his quest chain reward is good. Problem is he doesn’t join the party until roughly half way through the game.

11. Li Yuanxing – Slacker Genius

Starting Location:

Encountered during a part of Wei Huo’s companion quests, can later be found at Tancheng City, Beggers’ Sect HQ

Recruiting Condition:

Resolve all the side quests involved in the Battle with the Beggars’ Sect.
– There were 2 or 3 of them, all pertaining to the past about why Xun Yaoyao and Yan Weihuan has revenge motives against the Beggars’ Sect.

Companion Quest:

Haven’t found any, but this guy needs to be in your party to save and eventually recruit the other 2 members (Xun Yaoyao and Yan Weihuan).


Surprisingly not a bad guy. A slacker genius who’d rather be fishing rather than rising ambitiously to what his talents can potentially give him.
Uses polearm, but if you have Lu Xian’er raised, you probably don’t need him to fight.


12. Yan Weihuan – Former Protege turned Anti-Hero

Starting Location:
Unknown at this moment, but safe to say he’s been in the main story’s background and makes his first appearance in the Beggers’ Sect side quest.
Recruiting Condition:

Must resolve all the side sub quests involved in the Battle with the Beggar’s Sect.
Fight to save him and Xun Yaoyao by bringing Li Xuangxing with you down to Solitary Cloud Marsh Pier, west side.
After you unlock the Nanjiang Region, he can be found in the Bramble Shade Forest, East Side.

NOTE: I’d advise to recruit him ASAP before heading west beyond Fancheng for story reasons.

Companion Quest:
Unknown at this moment. Capped his affection at 80 currently… probably related to Xun Yaoyao given the last cutscene.

From what I can guess in the story, he is likely the strongest fist/palm companion in the game.
If you have good fist techniques, he is probably worth a look, but you’re also near the end of the game when you can finally recruit him… so YMMV.
He is likely based on 喬峰 in 金庸小說: 天龍八部 in that he was literally set up to fail by those around him while having a once-in-a-generation talent.

13. Frosty Condor – Icy Hot

Starting Location:

You can actually meet her during the Mingjian Festival.
After the fights finish, go right and head south.
Return her jade to gain affection +10

Recruiting Condition:

Can only be recruited after you unlock the area west of Fancheng part of the main story line.
The quest chain can only start after you hear a rumor about horse thieves in the western region in Wudang Sect.
Initialize the quest chain by entering Sweetspring Village north of Tiansui.

Companion Quest:

Literally complete the recruiting condition from what I can tell.


Her attitude change is very much like an Icy Hot patch (ice that pain and relax warmly). By the time she finally joins you, her sect master pretty much marries sends her off along with the sect’s secret techniques as the dowry.
A fist User – very surprising given her backstory as a scout and her art profile using assassination needle(?), her skills are maxed but you’ll have to figure out her meridians.
If you have good fist techniques, she is probably worth a look, but you’re also near the end of the game… so YMMV.
Probably has the hottest character art, but you can only recruit her quite late in the game… but she does start with all of her skills maxed. Also, she knows Di Zui and the burden he carries for whatever reason(s).

14. Di Zui – Enlightened Monk with a blade

Starting Location:

Shaolin Temple, backyard left section behind a few pagodas.
He makes an appearance in Kong Liang’s request and later in Frosty Condor’s quest chain.

Recruiting Condition:

Pain in the ass to recruit and easy to miss requirements… I’ll make this as short as possible

  1. Kong Liang MUST be saved and in your party. +10
  2. Chen Lenxi MUST be alive and in your party.
  3. You returned Frosty Condor’s jade pendent after Mingjian’s tournament.
  4. Len Wuqing must be in your party.
  5. Li Yuanxing must be in your party.
  6. Yan Weihuan must be in your party.
  7. You asked Qingxu to keep Cheng Yu at Wudang
  8. You must have completed Lu Xian’er’s companion quest involving Pingyang Fortress and have her in your party.
  9. You must solve ALL of Frosty Condor’s quest chain and miss none of the events… where all the problems are.
  10. Frosty Condor must be in your party.

^^ All of those are REQUIRED to recruit Di Zui.
Now onto Frosty Condor’s quest chain…

  1. Fight the villains, afterwards talk to ALL villagers at least once before proceeding (the girl will ask you to check the tough guy’s health).
  2. Note: I gifted Wan Biao >= 60 and he dies later in this quest chain protecting the prisoners.
  3. Afterwards, talk to the village chief, who then tasks you to visit the 4 places for aid.
  4. Hopefully you returned Frosty Condor’s Jade pendent during Mingjian to get a token to access Condor School… otherwise it’s a fight (according to the official guide).
  5. After all 4 places are visited, return to Sweetspring Village; again, talk to ALL villagers (mostly to make sure everyone is on the same page).
  6. You’ll be tasked to scout the Badlands Stronghold with Frosty Condor, do that but…
  7. VISIT BITTERWATER VILLAGE FIRST – Leng Wuqing will comment about what is happening.
  8. After you’re done with the scouting mission, DO NOT RETURN TO SWEETSPRING VILLAGE.
  9. Go to Bitter Water to find everyone dead. and Frosty Condor will comment who the suspect is and a bit about her past with Di Zui.
  10. Then you travel to Canglang Village and help Di Zui fight off 2 evil monks to uncover the bigger plot. +20
  11. Follow Di Zui to Tianshui City, help him massacre Chengjia Fortress.
  12. Return to Sweetsprings village, find out that the prisoners and one of the guards (Wan Biao) dead.
  13. Find Zhao Cheng in Mount Autumnscape (near the left end of the zone map) and bring him back.
  14. I think that should cover EVERYTHING related to the conspiracy.
  15. Head to Skylinemont and everyone will be surprised at who was pulling the string.
  16. After the battle, you’ll be tasked to follow Di Zui to Bitterwater Village, where you are to capture/kill the string puller. +20

Please note I just finished the quest chain and may have some things in the wrong order, please comment if there is a mistake as I am trying to recall from memory.
Now you’re done with the quest chain, pay a visit to every party involved (Sweetsprings for the conclusion), PIngyang for a martial skill, Condor School to recruit Frosty Condor after a fight (he basically marries her off to the MC anyway afterward).
With Frosty Condor now in your party, pay a visit to Shaolin and talk to Di Zui, who will now be recruitable. +10


Originally posted by Bloody Angele:


Machine Translation:
Kong Liang, Leng Wuqing, Li Yuanxing, Yan Weihuan and Lu Xian’er must be in the team.
Before going to the Five Temples of Miaojiang, you must complete the Yixiantian branch and recruit Leng Ying (Frosty Condor).
After completing the Ganquan Village branch plot, you can return to Shaolin to recruit Phasin.
Roughly translates into
– Complete Frosty Condor’s quest chain and return to Sweetspring Village for the conclusion of said quest chain BEFORE you visit Nanjiang.

Companion Quest:

Unknown at this moment


A monk from Shaolin, hinted as one of the most powerful companion, but I have not managed to recruit him.
Well, I did all that… the guy is basically the incarnation of “Wrath” in that he basically kills everyone that is past the point of redemption. Gonna have to figure out whether or not he has a companion quest.

Story Companions (SPOILERS)

Story Companions cannot be gifted and their affections impact the ending text.
There are no recruiting conditions as they join you automatically as part of the main story quest.
What I have found very annoying is if you mess up one selection or miss an event, you can’t fix it and a replay will be required.So If there are “correct” selection to reach 100 affection for each, please reply in the comments.
Thus far I have only reached affection levels for the following.
Yaoji 90, (40 from main story, 50 from choice events I found… so 10 more from somewhere)
Mowen 100, (60 from main story, 40 from choices)
Ouyang: 100, (50 from story events = 30 from gusu festival, 20 from finding the score).
Jiang: 80, (60 from story events, 20 from choice events I found… so 20 more from somewhere)

1. Yaoji (Girl In Red) – Ara Ara Sister Type with an Agenda

Starting Location:

Mount Wanzi

Companion Quest:

After Mingjian: Call her by her name +10
After Xungu Pass Battle: Look for her after the treating the general. +20

After the Mount Windless Battle – DO NOT REST.
Thanks to @Kalion
(Confirmed) IMMEDIATELY after the Battle of Mount Windless, visit the Xuanhuo Cult HQ. +10

Leaving Wudang Sect, In the Cave of Tribulation, after Mount Windless… +20

  • Ask Why and listen to the guy’s request
  • Agree to help him…
  • fight the 2 mini bosses in the back, collect the key item.
  • You’ll be forced to give up the key item regardless, so after the cut-scene…
  • When you’re near the entrance, turn around and go straight to the back of the cave and into the inner cave on the right you couldn’t enter earlier.
  • Watch the cut scene
  • Fight the 2 mini bosses again.
  • I found this part to be a bit buggy… it didn’t trigger and I had to reload the game a few times.
Very easy to miss her events… and thus miss her ending.

2. Mowen – Textbook Competent Kuudere Senpai

Starting Location:

Wudang Sect

Companion Quest:

Gift Selection: Gift him the Weiqi (Go) Game board for +20.
After Mingjian: Agree with him that you need to be wary of Yaoji +10.
After returning from Mingjian visiting Ouyang Xue…
– DO NOT REST, go back into Sanqing Hall and talk to Qingxu, who tells you about Mowen in Tancheng City.

– Go to Tancheng and see Mowen, where he tells you not to worry +10.

3. Ouyang Xue – Childhood friend(?)

Starting Location:

Mingjian Manor

Companion Quest:

Mingjian Manor: Call her performance “Depressing” +10.
Gusu Night Festival: Do All the festival Activities +20

  • Festival Lantern Vendor Answers +10
  • Light, Snow, Stars, Candle
  • Pay 800 gold to eat the dumplings
  • The 3 Performers
  • – Eat 3, Eat 3 vs. Gluttonous Tiger
  • – Admit Defeat vs. Iron Ape
  • – Win the fight vs. Flying Fish
  • Listen to the storyteller
  • Pay 1000 gold to poor scholar for the dance

After the whole Main Quest of dealing with the Wu Dang traitor… and while “Become Martial Disciple” is active, pay another visit to Mingjian Manor to see Ouyang Xue; as you get near her resident, her maids will tell you about cheering her up.
– Go look for the score obviously. +20

Thanks to @discount
During Lantern Festival (Sword Tournament at Mingjian) speak to all the vendors (riddles, they’re very easy, I can’t remember them, and the 3 performers: eat 1 bowl then eat more, admit defeat to weight lifter, win 1v1)
– After the fight at Mount Windless (complete pill quest for Daopillman in Wudang), visit Mingjian,
Don’t visit Xue, Speak to one of the Handmaidens
Go and find the music she wanted (she gets a really strong red ultimate).

Default main heroine unless you actively avoid her and max the other heroine’s affections.

4. Jiang XiaoTong – Little Sister / Pure type

Starting Location:

Wutong Village, she eventually returns to join you automatically literally for only about 2 story parts.

Companion Quest:

– After Mount Wanzi: Grab her wooden sword back in the starting house before you meet her again.
– Before visiting Mingjian Manor, during the visit to Wutong Village, after talking to the chief (who tells you Xiaotong went west) but BEFORE progressing and unlocking access to the north above Xungu Pass.

  • Go to the Solitude Marsh Pier East, look for the poisoned fellow and “Don’t Save him” +20

– During the Gathering of Heroes: Persuade/Talk to her +10

So I finally found and read on some Chinese website on how to return the wooden sword to Xiaotong to reach 100… But the site is loaded with pop-ups and adware, so I won’t be linking it directly here because it would likely violate Steam’s linking rules.
For the curious, it is from gamersky . com
That being said, I do need to replay the game from mid-point and confirm this)… sigh

  • Yaoji’s affection must be >= Ouyang Xue’s affection. (I am guessing the player has to proactively avoid Ouyang Xue to avoid the “perfect” ending).
  • Visit Wutong Village before going to Mount Tianshan and look for Xiaotong.
  • Return the wooden sword +20.
Practically an afterthought in the main story until the last 2 chapters/hours of the game.

Story Companions Endings Conditions

Everything will be in spoilers for obvious reasons.


All 14 companions mentioned above are not part of the main story line and have no ending cut scenes. Pending Developer discussions and further updates, this is likely it for Wandering Sword.

Please note I have NOT confirmed nor found all the endings, and I will only list the conditions from my shoddy Chinese reading skills.
I need a break after replaying the game from the midpoint to try and find everything. /rip


  • Max her affection (100) and avoid Ouyang Xue’s events.


  • (Confirmed) Don’t max his affection (< 100), lose to him in the finale.
  • (Confirmed) Don’t max his affection (< 100), beat him in the finale.
  • (Confirmed) Max his affection (100), lose to him in the finale.
  • (Confirmed) Max his affection (100), beat him in the finale.

Ouyang Xue:

  • She just travels with the MC post game as long as her affection is >= 80.

Jiang XiaoTong:

  • Yaoji affection > Ouyang Xue’s Affection to trigger the wooden sword event before the final fight. I have not done this… I screwed up and thought it could be greater or equal (>=), not greater only (>)
  • Snippet from Chinese website: 

“Perfect” Harem

  • (Confirmed)Ouyang Xue and Yaoji Affections = 100 and Xiaotong’s affection >= 80.

Thanks to {5LINE}Cows with Guns for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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