The Frostrune Walkthrough With All Puzzles

Here is a walkthrough of all puzzles in game.   Shipwrecked The game begins on a beach with a chest. Proceed up the hill. In the village, take the path to the left, then left again to go up the runestone hill to the temple. Take the KNIFE. Go back to the village and take the right … Read more

Project X Walkthrough with 100% Achievements

Project X is a terrible hunting simulator / exploration game with 5 Steam achievements. The whole 100% takes ~35 minutes which is mostly idle time, where only 10 minutes of that is active playtime. Follow the guide thoroughly to avoid any issues.  Start a new game. ⚬      Approach the girl looking at the bulletin board, then … Read more

Even the Ocean: Speedrun Walkthrough

Walkthrough to go through story fast and not get lost (not for first-time players), useful for full-mode speedrun achievement and story acts achievements   Spoiler Alert This guide is not intended for first-time players, as it’s probably not understandable without having an idea of how the game is, and contains spoilers since it’s a walkthrough … Read more

GRANDIA HD Remaster: Quick Walkthrough

Here is a quick walkthrough for Grandia HD Remaster game.   Go!!! Parm Recommended Level: 2 Items: 100 GP, Poison Antidote, First Aid Kit After the CG/anime intro and the voice acted conversations, talk to Gantz (the center boy) to get your mission: to find the remaining three pieces of the Legendary Armor. You can … Read more

Cowpocalypse: Complete Walkthrough

Cowpocalypse has a total of 7 Steam achievements, all of which are story related with none being missable and all being able to be earned in a single playthrough taking around 40~60 minutes.   Video Walkthrough Part 1. Video contains… @ 1:48 = Obtain item “Blanket”. @ 2:02 = Obtain item “knife”. @ 2:08 = … Read more

Murder in the Hotel Lisbon – Walkthrough and Achievement

Detective Case and Clown Bot in: Murder in the Hotel Lisbon is a videogame inspired by the classic point and click adventures from the 80’s and 90’s.  This guide includes the main quest and 3 side quests walkthrough and achievement. Let’s look at them.   Murder in the Hotel Lisbon Walkthrough Act 1 Tutorial section … Read more

FRAG: Pro Shooter – Walkthrough and Tips

FRAG: Pro Shooter is a team-based multiplayer battler with more than a few interesting twists up its variety of different sleeves. Although there are plenty of good blasters on the App Store. FRAG must be one of the best competitive shooting games out there. This game is awesome with the ever increasing roster of whacky … Read more