Death end re;Quest 2 Walkthrough (FAQ & Achievements & Endings)

Estimated Difficulty: 1/10 Can Mai solo on Easy to take all challenge out of the game Approximate time: 15-30 hours Depending on reading speed 3.5-7 hours if skipping cutscenes Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 including reloading Disclaimer: I’m never updating this guide so hopefully it stays accurate. Disclaimer 2: I may update it some though … Read more

Relicta Full Game Walkthrough

Here is Full game walkthrough with all achievements, we will highlight all the achievements with the timeline at the end of this video walkthrough. 10:04 – PDA Data 10:44 – Forest test track 14:42 – Collectible 15:55 – PDA Data 16:45 – PDA Data 20:54 – PDA Data 21:40 – Collectible 22:09 – Taiga test … Read more

THE IMPOSSIBLE Walkthrough (All Achievements)

Here is a full walkthrough with all achievements for The Impossible game. if this guide misses anything, please let me know.   Rebind Keys I used an AHK script to make pressing the diagonals easier. The script below binds q, e, z, and c to the diagonals and x to down. #NoEnv ; Recommended for … Read more

Flowers -Le volume sur automne- Walkthrough (All Endings)

A guide on how to collect all endings, with walkthroughs attached.   All Endings Guide Flowers -Le volume sur Automne-, the third game of Flowers, contains 8 endings: True End, Nerine End, Ringo End, Twins End, Bad End 1, Bad End 2, Bad End 3, Bad End 4. Assuming all of you are familiar with … Read more

Creaks: Full Game Walkthrough (All achievements)

Full game walkthrough with getting all achievements (all paints, all secret rooms)    Walkthrough 08:17 – Achievement Art Collector 13:35 – Achievement Home Sweet Home 28:55 – Achievement Meadow Song 36:47 – Achievement Secret Room Discovered! 37:44 – Achievement The Blue Library 40:16 – Achievement The Knight 50:05 – Achievement Stalactites 57:15 – Achievement … Read more

A Snake’s Tale: Complete Walkthrough

A Snake’s Tale is a brain-teasing puzzle game with 79 levels and a single completion achievement.  Navigate the levels with WASD/Arrow Keys and press ENTER to choose.  Levels are sorted from right to left. Press Ctrl+F to find a specific solution.  Use mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out on the level select screen.  Follow the guide … Read more

Good Slice: Walkthrough (Leves 1-40)

Good Slice is a puzzle game offered by VOODOO, here are all walkthrough for all levels 1-40 guide for you. this walkthrough guide is via video.   Good Slice (by VOODOO) Gameplay Walkthrough 1-20 Levels (Android)    Good Slice (by VOODOO) Gameplay Walkthrough 21-40 Levels (Android)    That’ all for “Good Slice game Walkthrough”, … Read more

Climb Higher Walkthrough (Level 1-16)

Climb Higher is a challenging physics based puzzle platformer where you must slingshot yourself up high, stick to whatever you can, shatter through everything that breaks, grow big, shrink down, become the master of your momentum, and reach even greater heights! Here is the video walkthrough with all levels for the game. hope this guide … Read more

Sweet F. Cake Walkthrough

Welcome to Gamepretty, here is a walkthrough for the Sweet F. Cake game. this guide is translated by Google. if you have any problems. please let me know.   Alyona Apologize. I was looking for you to apologize. You know, you’re right, I’d rather wait for Alyona. Will not say. Personally, I would say. Go to … Read more