Wait! Life is Beautiful! Prologue Demo Walkthrough (All Lives Saved)

TW/CW: Suicide, PTSD, murder/serial killing, unemployement, divorce, cult affiliation and depression. DO NOT play this game if it happens to trigger any suicidal tendencies/ideation, depressive episodes or any type of negative impact on your mental health. You have been warned. Player discretion is advised.

This is a walkthrough for the demo of the game “Wait! Life is Beautiful!” to obtain a perfect score of 6 people saved. Please note that this walktrough covers only the demo release, and will further be expanded along with the full version launch. This walkthrough was fully written by the author of the post, and any similarities found elsewhere are mere coincidences. Considering it’s a linear, straight-forward game, there’s probably many alike laying around online.



— We’ll see if anyone shows up tonight. (automatically chosen)

Police officer

— You don’t understand. I’m just trying to help them. (automatically chosen)
— No one cares about them. All you do it 
(sic) put those stupid signs up telling people not to jump off the bridge. (automatically chosen)
— What’s the point? Nobody gives a ♥♥♥♥ about them. (automatically chosen)

The player is now under observation by the police. Try your best to save as much lives as you can.


— Wait, life is beautiful! (automatically chosen)
— What do you mean? OR Don’t you think you’re going too far?
— Your comrades would have wanted you to keep living. OR You don’t have anything to blame yourself for. You went through hell! It was war. People die
— Don’t give up hope. Everything is going to be different! OR What about your family? You must have somebody who loves you, right?
— You need to talk this through. It’ll help. You’ll see. OR No. I can’t leave you alone.
— Why won’t we go grab a beer, and you can tell me your story? OR As long as you keep their memory alive, they won’t really be gone. Don’t let them down.

The Butcher

— Wait, life is beautiful! (automatically chosen)
— Why are you laughing? OR Hey, are you okay?
— I’ve seen your face before… on the news, I think.OR Okay… Who am I talking to?
— Why do they call you the Butcher? OR Why are they looking for you?
— Do you at least have remorse for your crimes? OR …
— If you regret what you did, maybe it’s time to stop running. OR Do you really think this will make up for what you did? You need to turn yourself in.

Mr. Frog

— Wait, life is beautiful! (automatically chosen)
— I’m Will. OR Mr. Will’s Right Hand.
— Wow! How do you do that without moving your lips? OR Are we on Candid Camera or something?
— Mr. Frog, wait! Don’t do it! OR I have no idea what’s going on.
— Seriously, how can you talk like that without moving your lips? It’s so cool! OR To be honest, that’ll do it.
— It’s though being a frog in this world of ours. OR You are amazingly talented! Maybe you just need to change your look.

Shakespeare lady – First encounter

— Wait, life is beautiful! (automatically chosen)
— Sounds pretty grim. (automatically chosen)

Choose any option.

Old lady


— Wait, life is beautiful! (automatically chosen)
— I said life is beautiful! Don’t do it. OR Are you lost, ma’am?
— But you could keep living. OR I’m sure you must have something to live for.
— That just means God himself must be looking out for you. OR You’re 102? Get out of here! You don’t look a day over 70!
— There’s more to life than youth, ma’am. The important thing is to stay young at heart. OR Come on, granny, enough of this foolishness. We’re leaving. I’ll help you down.
— Everything has its time. There’s no need to rush things. OR Please don’t do this.

Cult member

— Wait, life is beautiful! (automatically chosen)
— Why shouldn’t I be here? OR Don’t do anything stupid. You’re still so young!
— I don’t know what leader you’re talking about, but you defintely need to get down from there. OR Wait, what are you talking about?
— How can suicide set you free? OR What are you talking about?
— Don’t you understand? The only thing waiting for you down there is death, not freedom! OR Are you really ready to die for your freedom?
— Please get down from there. You can’t get free this way. OR Maybe you shouldn’t be listening to this “leader” of yours.

Rich man

— Wait, life is beautiful! (automatically chosen)
— Why do you say that? OR What do you mean?
— Isn’t that what life is all about? OR Maybe you just had a bad day.
— What would you rather be doing? OR Don’t be stupid. Your family is at home waiting for you.
— No way. You can’t buy me off. OR You’re talking crazy. Just get down from there.
— You just need a distraction. Have you tried finding a hobby? OR Maybe you just need a break.

Unindentified person

[They’ll observe the bridge for a while and leave on their own.]

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