Vampire: The Masquerade Night Road – Starting Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Here is a few tips for starting out and list of skills you get from first beginning choices. Read at your own risk, playing it blind first time is the most rewarding.


Creation and Prologue
– If you pick caitiff, you can raise 6 skills and then pick two disciplines to activate. You also need a clan identity you masquerade as. For the others, you got your skills and first discipline when you pick what you do for your sire, another discipline when you going to enter the first building, then have access to up another discipline.
– While the game surprisingly spread out quiet a lot of skill checks everywhere, I found social attributes with some dip into int and tech to be very rewarding. Most physical actions are vulgar afterall and nothing obfuscate can’t fix for sneakily do things. While I hasn’t try it, having at least one combat ability will allow you to eliminate some bad people.
– Starting with 1 composure and resolve is very challenging.
– You need 4 in resolve composure to have willpower 2. Subsequent increase in resolve composure will raise your willpower by 1.
– Don’t drain all the people on beginning, you lost humanity and it is not worth it because the game raise your hunger the next night.
– You start at 4 humanity. I hasn’t see a way to raise it up.
– You only get ‘free’ skills and stats from options before first run.
– Price of estates decrease tremendously for how good your standing with Camarilla is. I have seen the mansion cost 9k on 2 camarilla relationship, and 4k on 4 camarilla relationship. Considers when you feel you should buy em.

Stats from the first two early choices, you get more skills on the option after a picking clan and I believe you can get a few one or two skill points on the way before you finish first mission:

After Chapter 1
– You can ghoul the pawn shop lady after finishing one run for the prince.
– Exp costs to upgrade attributes is Attribute x3 while exp cost to upgrade skill is x1 discipline is x3
– Discipline replaces skill check for their equivalent type (combat, social, mental). EG: If you have celerity you can shot people just like using dex+firearms. However, your ability to use power depends on hunger, and that hunger tends to raise fast…
– Each mission gives you chance to get individual prizes from the person you deliver things to if you did well and not betray them. They will either offer their blood and a little training so you unlock four discis of their’s or a fat cash of $5000.
Disciplines unlock from Elin Olivecrona: Animalism, Dominate, Fortitude, Presence.
Discipline unlock from the brujah: Obfuscate, Celerity, Potence, Presence.
Disciplines Available from Invidia Caul: Animalism, Auspex, Blood Sorcery, Dominate or a ring to holds vitae (you have to go against camarilla)

Disciplines usage and mastery:
Obfuscate – Sneaking around places and sneak out of dangers, more effective than clandestine checks (I rarely see that check to be honest) At level 3, you can cloak your car, although I only see it been used once (It was epic tho!)
Dominate – Forcefully ‘fry’ someone brain nerve. Equivalent to most social checks especially intimidation, can be used to extract information or make someone forget.
Presence – Equivalent mainly to Leadership check, but also act as Persuasion, and Intimidation checks on certain scenario. Seems to be more subtle than dominate but have less options than dominate.
Celerity – Super human speed, equal to Athletic, Firearms, and Combat checks.
Auspex – Equivalent to Awareness check, also enhance the success probability of checks that involve detective-ish work (which there are a lot)
Blood Sorcery – A lot of interesting flavor, creative ways to deal with a situation, and deal with anything occult. It is fun to use and it presents on the choices a lot compared to other disciplines. These are tempations, because blood is valuable.

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