Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock V0.10.0 New Secret Character (Cosmo Pavone & Big Trouser)

Cosmo Pavone and Big Trouser are the new secret characters added in v0.10.0. here is a simple guide on how to unlock them


How to Unlock Cosmo Pavone

It is possible to unlock it with other characters but I would highly recommend you using Exdash (as long as the requirements below are met).
The Character you choose must have 0 eggs (turning eggs off does not work!). You also must have already collected the Yellow Sign and unlocked Zi’Assunta Belpaese
1. Play as Exdash
2. Go to Cappella Magna
3. Get “Ebony Wings” (Exdash starting Weapon) and “Peachone”
4. Move upwards above Crown and Tiragisú
5. The passage will be blocked by a gate. You can destroy it only if you have Ebony Wings and Peachone
6. Collect the item
7. You can now buy the character in the character selection screen
This is the Item you are looking for

Location on the Map

If you dont have Exdash, here is a guide to unlock him.

Character Stats

Cosmo gains +1 Recovery and +1% Luck every level, and +1 Revival every 100 levels. There is no cap on these bonuses.

How to Unlock Big Trouser

How to Unlock
1. Choose a character
2. Go to Moongolow
3. Now you must collect all of the upgrates lying around (12 in total, The Rings& Metaglio parts as well as Torrona’s Box are not required) and upgrade all for them to max level.
4. After having all of them on max level you can quit or keep playing untill 15 min (but do not lose all your revivals on red death because it will destroy Tiragisu).
5. You will now be able to buy the character in the character selection screenRemember to Rate this Guide 😉

This is only based on what I figured out on my own and in the beta, so if I wrote something wrong please let me know

Character Ability
Trouser gains +1% Growth every level. There is no cap on this bonus. They also have longer Gold Fevers. Starts with weapon “Candybox”

Thanks to Sibeck for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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