The game has a conflict with the service that governs touch input devices on Windows 10, which causes occasional crashes and freezes, especially in the full screen text scenes. How to fix it: 1. Type services in the Windows search bar, the Services app should come up. If not, press WinKey + R and type services.msc. 2. Find Touch … Read more

Vampire: The Masquerade Night Road – How to Save Your Progress

Saving your progress can be somewhat tricky for an uninitiated neonate of the night, but this humble guide hopes to assist you in flipping final death the bird.   Saving the game Advanced Users Go to C:\Steam\userdata\your id\1290270 and copy the folder there called “Remote” and paste it somewhere. I keep all mine in a … Read more

When The Past Was Around: How to Fix Resolution Stucked

Few players have reported that after interacting with options, like switching the game language, their resolution stucked at some uncomfortable value and can’t be changed forcing them to play with compressed screen. This is a fix for it.   Can’t change resolution in the game? This is a typical issue which I met in Unity … Read more

Caveblazers: How to (Partially) Disable the Pre-Menu Intro

The flashy sword-slashing intro followed by the ear-deafening sword-clashing sound is incredibly annoying.   Animation Close the game. Press WinKey + R; this will open the Run textbox. Alternatively, open the Start Menu, write “run” in (without the quote marks), then press Enter. Write the following in, then press Enter: %localappdata%/Caveblazers Find the ‘settings.ini’ file … Read more