Tribes of Midgard: Shift Codes 2021 (How to Get & Redeem)

This guide shows all available SHiFT Codes and how to redeem them.
Feel free to add SHiFT Codes you found in the comments!



In this guide, I’ll collect all available Shift Keys for Tribes of Midgard and show how to use them. The codes grant some in-game gifts like skins and in-game currency for example.

Feel free to add Shift Codes you found!

Shift Codes List

Here you’ll find all available Shift Codes. Till now it seems that no code was released. Once the first code appears I’ll list it here!

Feel free to add SHiFT Codes you found in the comments!

How to Get Shift Codes

Gearbox/Tribes of Midgard developers will release the Shift Codes mostly on their social media channels like Twitter, Discord etc. If you every played another Gearbox Game like Borderlands you should be aware of those codes. The codes grant some ingame gifts like skins and ingame currency for example.

Here is a short overview of the social media accounts:





Tribes of Midgard Newsletter:

How to Activate Shift Codes

Step 1: Once you launched the game go to the Settings:
Step 2: Select the Shift icon:
Step 3: It launches a different “Shift” view where you will find a small menu on the left side:
Step 4: When you click on any icon it extends:
Step 5: If you have no Gearbox account you may need to create one.
(Me personally was already logged in since I already used the Shift Code system before).

Step 6: To enter the Shift Code select “Rewards” (Gift Icon) and you’ll find the following screen:

Just enter the code and click on “Redeem”. That’s it!

Thanks to Shumway for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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