Trepang2: All Drone Locations

Locations to all the drones are located in the main missions. Spoiler Alert!!!


Basic Info

– There is a drone in each main mission.
– Almost all of them are very easy to find.
– Collecting all drones enables
– It should be noted that you are able to return to the safe house immediately after picking up the drone as progress is saved.

Drone 1

Drone 1: Subject 105 Termination
Site 14
In front of a gate that opens upon interfacing with drone.

Drone 2

Drone 2: Pandora Institute – Evidence Of Anamlous Research
Pandora Institute
After encountering the first meat man behind the glass, go right instead of left. The drone is around the corner.

Drone 3

Drone 3: Mission to Terminate Subject 91
Jorvik Castle
After the second conflict with the cultists in the library area, the first upward flight of stairs there is a split between a balcony and the doorway to the next section of enemies. Instead of going right through the doorway, go left past the balcony.

Drone 4

Drone 4: Syndicate Thermonuclear Warhead
Prevents you from passing until you interface.

Drone 5

Drone 5: Siberia Incident 2035
Site 83
Just before the first combat encounter with the two hazmat guys, go through the doorway on the left.

Drone 6

Drone 6: Horizon Tower Massacre
Horizon HQ
Upon entering a large empty box room with stairs to the right side and just before a combat encounter, the drone will be on the left side of the room. Is easy to notice.

Drone 7

Drone 7:Syndicate Cloning Activity
Final drone you activate and blocks a specific room until you interface. Tells you what drones have been missed.

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