Travellers Rest: “Do you have a reservation” Achievement Guide

This is a guide for the achievement “Do you have a reservation?” and intends to explain some gameplay mechanics that are not fully explained in the game. It requires the most grinding and time spent of all achievements, so I hope this guide helps.


I struggled with this achievement a lot and also stumbled over misinformation on how to get it, so I thought I should write a guide on how to actually get it.


  1. Maximum occupancy must be 50.
  2. Have 50 seats in your tavern. (More than 50 is not required.)
  3. Only customers in the dining area count towards the achievement. Rented room customers do not count.

Maximum occupancy 50 requires that your reputation level is at least 18 and your satisfaction is +12.

Side note: For the longest of time, I was under the false impression, that the +occupancy from the satisfaction did not count towards the maximum occupancy and that the displayed maximum capacity was solely based on the reputation level. This was due to people claiming you could unlock the achievement at 49 max occupancy and others claiming “there is max occupancy plus satisfaction”. Therefore I thought that I had an actual occupancy of 49 +11 = 60. This was incorrect. Since people also claimed that the achievement is buggy and I “just needed to grind a little longer and it will unlock eventually”, I didn’t question whether or not my math was wrong. But it was.

I was made aware of this mistake on Reddit by u/jeffwolfe and the credit and my thanks go to him. Thank you jeffwolfe!

The game doesn’t display it, but the reputation level comes with a base occupancy number. At level 18 the base occupancy is 38. Levels 19 to 21 do not increase the base occupancy number, therefore you need to raise your satisfaction to get the remaining +12 occupancy to reach the required 50 maximum occupancy.

Reputation & Satisfaction

Your reputation level increases when your customers are satisfied with their visit to your tavern. It takes a while to get to level 18 reputation, but you will eventually get there by grinding day to day. It helps to rent out rooms to get to 18 faster. Packing a lot of decoration into the rented rooms increases how satisfied the guests are when they leave. Rooms must obviously be clean, but I recommend to hire the house keeper. Please be aware that the house keeper can get stuck if the placement of your decorations is too wild, so you might need to rearrange them if rooms are not getting cleaned.

To increase your occupancy gained from your satisfaction to +12, you can do the following:

  • Serve customers as fast as possible.
  • Kick out angry customers as fast as possible.
  • Have some of the trending dishes/drinks available. (I don’t have exact numbers on this, but for me it worked to only provide the food but not the beers. The satisfaction numbers seemed to be just as high as when I offered the beers as well.)
  • Clean the tables and floors as fast as possible. (You can clean the tables at any time so they never go dirty.)
  • Have a reasonable comfort level by placing a variety of decorations. (Unfortunately I don’t have exact numbers on the minimum level. From what I know around 400 comfort should do. The comfort level is displayed in the bottom right cornor by the hearts when you are in decoration mode (B).)
  • Only open the tavern when you are ready and have prepared the necessary things. (Don’t leave for longer periods of time to gather resources, buy things, or take care of your animals. The bartender and floor worker aren’t enough to keep your customers happy.)
  • Place multiple enchanted brooms to keep the floors clean. (Their pathfinding isn’t perfect and sometimes a broom starts its way that is further away than another broom, but it is still better than having only one broom.)

Hiring the bartender and floor worker does help, but you can’t sit idle and let them do everything. I was stuck at +11 satisfaction when I didn’t help them. You will have unsatisfied customers if you don’t help. They are a bit too slow to keep everyone happy.

Tips and tricks

Table arrangement:
My thoughts for the tables were:

  • Have as few tables as possible. (Fewer tables means less tables to clean.)
  • Arrange them in a way, that I, the floor worker, and the brooms can navigate them as easily and fast as possible.
  • Put the tables as close as possible to each other to minimize the walking distances.
  • Place the tables as close to the bar as possible.
  • Place multiple enchanted brooms. (I placed 4: one at each edge of the dining area, but less will probably work as well.)

You need at least 9 tables to reach the required capacity of 50. I chose 7 large tables, and 2 small tables which is exactly 50. (The small tables allow relatively close placement infront of the bar while being able to walk around all tables on all sides.) It might help to expand the dining area and move the bar a little.

Comfort & Decorations:
Out of desperation I went absolutely overboard and placed decorations everywhere. You don’t have to do this. A comfort level of around 400 should be enough.
Here are some tips: If you place similar decorations multiple times, the amount of gained comfort decreases until you don’t gain any additional comfort. Therefore place a variety of decorations. (The different banners are counted sepearately. This is also true for the each different color of each carpet type, so feel free to place each version.)

Food and drinks preparation and setup:
I recommend to prepare a good stock of the trending dishes and drinks. Following the trends increases customer satisfaction. I usually had a selection of all dishes, but you probably don’t have to. You also don’t need to offer beers. Only offering the trending food items was enough for me to get enough satisfaction.

The most important tip I would like to give is: Don’t keep the beers in kegs! It takes way too much time to pull the beers at the moment when they are requested. If you want to offer beers, then pre-pull them ahead of time and put them in the book. There will be times when you can’t support the bartender and he is too slow to keep up. There will be a line forming and some of them will be annoyed that they had to wait.

Last preparations before you open the tavern:
Hire the bartender and the floor worker. They alone aren’t enough to keep your customers satisfied, but they take enough weight off your shoulders and fulfill their role while you are busy doing other stuff.

Hire the house keeper. Actually you don’t have to dismiss the house worker at all. This shouldn’t be your last step before you open the tavern. I just didn’t have a better point where to put this. She leaves once she finished her job and the game doesn’t make you pay when she is not in the tavern. Cleaning the rented rooms should be the least of your concerns. At the point when you are attempting this achievement, you probably have enough money to cover for all workers, so just keep them employed if you want to be least bothered.

Priority list when the tavern is open
  1. Kick or calm rowdy guests as fast a possible. As soon as you hear that someone is getting annoyed: Stop doing whatever else you were doing and run!
  2. Candles must be on each table at 7 pm. Light fire no later than 8 pm. (Don’t light the fire before 8 pm or it will be too hot for your customers.)
  3. Serve customers their dishes, if there are multiple.
  4. Clean the tables before they are dirty. (Do a round and clean all tables from time to time.)
  5. Prepare additional food, beers, and other drinks. (You will eventually run low, so it makes sense to restock from time to time.)
  6. Only leave the tavern if absolutely necessary. (If you need to call back the barn animals for the night or if you forgot to feed them.)

I hope this guide helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.


My table arrangement:

Maximum Occupancy, Reputation & Satisfaction:

Thanks to Konseq for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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