Touhou Gensokyo Survivors: How to Remove Your Nearby Enemies Quickly

Sometimes when playing, you may find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place. This will usually result in a death.
This guide aims to remove the highest amount of nearby enemies quickly so you can have a quick drink, a chance to rest your fingers, and to read any notifications you may have gotten.



Please note that this guide does not include the use of spellcards

For best results, use either Suika Ibuki or Youmu Konpaku. (If you have neither of these bought, hop into a few runs as Reimu or Marisa until you have 1,000 mon)

Now, get rid of the darkened items to increase the chances of getting the later items. (You will need 1,650 mon to remove the items. If you want to put an item back in circulation, just click it again to get your mon and the item back. Don’t worry about getting more mon, we’ll deal with that later)

Character Selection

After that, you must pick a character. Click on the character you want to play as to start.


Suika starts with her Sake Bottle. It can kill most enemies in one hit, dealing 14 damage on average. The Sake will swing in the direction the player is facing when it activates, moving in an arc before returning. This is great for clearing clusters of enemies.


Youmu starts with one of her swords, Roukanken. It has short reach, and deals 9 damage on average. However, it swings around the player twice before going away. So, if it hits an enemy on the first swing, it’s going to come back around and hit it again. Good for damaging anything too close.

Weapons used to clear crowds

The best weapons for dealing with crowds are:

  • Youkai Umbrella (Eye on left or right side, “foot” on left or right side)
  • Keystone (Pointy bottom facing left or right)
  • Yin-Yang Orb (White half on top or bottom/Black half on top or bottom)
  • Megaphone Gun (Barrel looking at bottom left or top right corner)
  • Sake Bottle (Big end facing bottom left or top right corner)
  • Roukanken (Tip facing up or down)

Refer to the images below for a better understanding

Youkai Umbrella – Spawns a single, large umbrella that moves around, attacks 3 times (each hit dealing 17 damage on average) before shrinking and disappearing.

Keystone – Summons a giant keystone that crushes enemies. Deals 31 damage on average.

Yin-Yang Orb – Summons three orbs that start spinning while increasing their distance from the player. Moves in a circle while damaging enemies. Average damage unknown.

Megaphone gun – Damages and pushes enemies away from player. Average damage unknown.

Sake Bottle – Described in section “Character Selection”

Roukanken – Described in section “Character Selection”

Thanks to Karyl for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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