The Tourist Trap: Complete Walkthrough

Here is a Complete Walkthrough of the game.


Africa Room
Part 1

There are two cages, one with a lion and an empty one. Next to the empty one is a lever, you have to pull that to open the cage.

Behind the Jeep on the ground is a paper sheet that contains the codes for the two other levers that have four handles. First, you have to solve the one lever with the G and T, this will make the meat fall into the open cage. Afterward, you do solve the other lever which opens the cage for the lion.

After the lion entered the other cage, pull the lever there to close it. The cage where the lion was in original has a key lying on the ground. Put that key into the Jeep, to the lower left side of the steering wheel, where the keyhole should be.

Part 2

In this Room, you have to find four smalls stones, which have to be put into the left side of the pyramid door. Match up the symbols. Then you need to solve the keypad on the right side. You need to spell out the word “OPEN”.

Now enter the pyramid and to your left should be a scale where you have to balance it out. After you balanced it there will be a light beam pointing to one of the eyes of the sphinx. Take that eye. Now you need to find Africa on the huge Globe and put in the eye on the right spot. After you did this you finished the room.

[Alphabet for the keypad in Part 2]

America Room
Part 1

Go to the last wagon and put out all the suitcase to make all lights appear green,
go into the train cab,
Rotate compas until it rings
hit the lever,

Part 2

Go behind the counter and find a bottle with a key in it,
smash it onto the ground,
run to the small hut at the end of the map and open the inner door with the key,
take the bucket and put it onto the red X,
go onto the roof of the sallon and look at the stuff lying there,
put in the right code,
Handcuffs: 1804
Paper: 1787
Metal sheet: 1607
Tea and party hat: 1773

walk over the plank at pull the rope,
take the full bucket and put it into the station next to the huge gray box,
put in the code 1972 or 1969,
hit the button,
run to the exit door and put in the code on the ceiling.

Asia Room
Part 1

Go to the left side of the desk. Open the small door. Get the key and open the first drawer. Put the black piece into the top of the table. The Picture on the desk has a code on it. Use it for the keylock at the back. Put the white piece in place. Take the key and open the cage with the swords in it. Take these and put them into the statues’ hands. Use the elevator.

Part 2

Put the right flags to the recipes, solution:
Pho: Red flag with one big star.
Bulgogi: White flag with Red/blue ball.
Wonton Soup: Red flag with many stars.
Shoyu ramen: White flag with one red ball.

Take the Pho recipe and put it next to the pot,
use the big button beneath the pot,
put in all ingredients that are there.

Europe Room
Open the door to the small building and get the key beneath the bench. Use the key on the stand for the book. Count the colored squares in the picture. The result will be the code. Use the code to get the ball. Hidden in a bush is the net for the soccer goal. After you put it in place let the ball roll into the goal. Take the cup and put it onto the pedestal.

Oceania Room
On the left side of the desk, a small stick is pointing out of it. Take it. Open the drawer that was locked. Now you need to put in the code SYDNEY at the door. Collect the pieces spread everywhere and put them into the right place at the wall with the hangers. Go to the paper lanterns. The left one triggers a hangman minigame.
Hangman Solutions:
for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Coral Sea
for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Great Barrier Reef
for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Australia
for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Wayang doll
for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Timtams
for _ _ _ _ _ _ Wayang
Afterward a wall opens and reveals the last piece for the Surfboard.

The Surfboard has a code on it. Use it to open the Safe inside the starting Area. There is another code. Use this code to open the locked drawer from the desk. They key you find in there has to be put into the keyhole on the left side of the safe.

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