Going Nowhere The Dream Achievement Guide

This guide will cover how to achieve the 15 achievements this game has. It will not provide paths for how to find specific things, but it will provide a screenshot and a description of their location, when appropriate. You should have played through the game until the main plot twist before you read this guide, so spoilers ahead!


Quick tip on how to get around
Whenever you have to go from a tall place to a low place, and it seems like it would be a fatal drop, try to miss the edge and grab on instead of hitting directly. Catching and grabbing will stop you from experiencing fall damage.

Going Somewhere
Simply finish the game. It’s that simple. Go for the obvious, lit up stuff, and follow the text and visual hints. Pro tip: check the Bad End guide before getting this achievement.

True Explorer
Open the credits menu

At Long Last
Find a basketball hoop, and dunk a ball. This can be done in all 3 Nowhere levels, if you can find a basketball and a hoop. A court providing this can be found by jumping over this fence in Nowhere I: Connection. (Note that this, and all other Nowhere achievements may be reached on any of the Nowhere levels, but some secrets are easier to reach on different levels.)

Bad End
Go in front of the train that comes in the wheelchair ending. Pro tip, this just resets you to the opening of the wheelchair segment, instead of doing the whole epilogue over again, so if you intend to get this achievement, you should get this one before the main ending.

Toon-Tinted Glasses
During Nowhere II: Conduit, in here

Secret Journal
To get to this ending, you need to collect 4 pages of, in total, 8 pages scattered across the map in Nowhere III: Shattered (you need to be in Shattered for the pages to appear). Collecting the first page turns the map dark and gives you a flashlight as your only source of light. Collecting 2 pages will make an entity known as Shadow Loren appear at predetermined spots across the map. If you go too close, she will cause a restart to last checkpoint. To avoid her, simply run past her, or run away. Note that Shadow Loren does not actually move, so as long as the static is not on screen, you’re in the clear. You may collect the pages in any order, but the pages I got were these:

1. the one under the coffee table in the house you first visit during Conduit (accessed from the opposite end from the one you normally enter. Follow the other guide (the one on getting to Rosey) for further instrructions.)
2. the one on the roof behind the one you leap off of in Conduit (pictured below, just look around on the roof and you’ll find it)

3. The one near the “Don’t let your dreams be memes” graffiti (up on the wall next to the basketball court)

4. The one close to the end of the level (you can spot it on your way to the end)

When you collect the fourth page, you will be transported to this ending.

Behind The Curtain
This ending is a reference to the Silent Hill 2 Dog Ending. To achieve it, you must take the bone from the roof pictured above, bring it to the doghouse behing the building circled in red, take the keycard you get from that to the keycard door located on the back of the building whose roof is pictured above.

Vintage Meme
To get this achievement, jump into the picture in the lobby you may reach on the ground floor of the building you first enter in Nowhere I: Connection. From there, scale the building you are on until you reach the top, then collect the t-shirt.

Where’d you find this?
To get this achievement, you must bring a CD from atop a tall building to your stereo in your room in the beginning of the game. The CD may be reached by jumping into this hole in the road, then finding the balcony with a blue CD cover on a table. The red circle in the image is the glowing window from the picture from earlier.

The Sideways
To get this achievement, you need to find The Sideways, then complete it. To find The Sideways, in the wheelchair segment, continue going past the train tracks and into the hills, then until you find the enge, then jump off. You’ll land in The Sideways, which may be reached from the menu starting now. Simply listen to Farer (the NPC in the green hoodie), and finish the level. Finishing this level also unlocks wall jumping in all other levels.

To get this achievement, go to the street in the picture, then jump onto the blue marquee with the help of a box. From there, climb the windows to the top of the building. Then, at the back of the building, jump down narrowly missing the edge of the platform below, and grab the ledge to arrest your fall. Go inside the building and talk to Rosey repeatedly to get this achievement. For extra enjoyment, imagine yourself trying to tell her something, only to get immediately shut down.

A Link to the Past
To achieve this, you need to find a computer in each of the dream levels, even the first, introductory one. Their location is as follows:

Dream 1: Up the vent you go through in the course of the level. Use a box or two to help get the necessary height.

Dream 2:
Atop the building pictured below.

Dream 3:
Behind the blue box pictured below

Quality Time
To get this ending, you need to find a Dream Haylee in each dream level. Their locations are as follows:

Dream 1. Atop the brick thing pictured

Dream 2: Behind some boxes behind the room thingy circled in red and pictured below

Dream 3: Atop the thing behind where you start the level.

Upon talking to the last one, you’ll be transported to this ending

They Have Arrived
To get this achievement, look up at the sky in the beginning, and stare at a twinkling star. Then, go around the place circled in red below

Life is But a Dream
To get this achievement, go to the dark void, and try to walk into the wall where this platform is leading,

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