The Ranch of Rivershine: Complete Coat Guide

Complete Ranch of Rivershine coat guide!



Regarding breeding

Currently so far breeding works with same sorted groups as here
for example:
Two chestnut parents may produce flaxen chestnut baby
Bay dun and red dun may produce black dun baby
Two black silver maybe produce bay silver baby
Blanket appaloosa and snowflake appaloosa may produce leopard, snowcap or few spots baby

Wild tier auction house vendors


bay and dark bay


flaxen chestnut and chestnut

Common tier auction house vendors


red dun, bay dun and grulla (black dun)

Tobiano patterns

tobiano and tobiano with ink spots

Dominant White

A fully white coat, has the same colour as white pattern markings. Horses with Dominant White coat in game might have hidden patterns as well, which they can pass on to their foals.

Rare tier auction house vendors


strawberry roan (chestnut roan), bay roan, blue roan (black roan)

Overo patterns

Legendary tier auction house vendors


Bay, dark bay and black
Silver is affecting bay and black horses manes and tails by turning them white.
Seems like “silver” is a group as a whole in game considering breeding

Appaloosa patterns

Blanket, snowcap, leopard, few spots, snowflake or birdcatcher

Unavailable at the moment


Buckskin was available in the demo.
It will be a wild horse exclusive (most likely referance to Spirit: A Stallion of the Cimarron)

White splash pattern

White splash had various patterns avilable in the demo, most likely will be a wild exclusive pattern


Was available in the demo

Dark bay roan

Appeared as NPC horse in the EA

Thanks to Shiro for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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