THE PORTOPIA SERIAL MURDER CASE: Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Here is a walkthrough with all achievements guide for the new game SQUARE ENIX AI Tech Preview: THE PORTOPIA SERIAL MURDER CASE.

Note: this walkthrough is incomplete and will updated in near future!


Regarding Treshold 8800.00

With the current build (as of 04/23/2023) there’s a common bug in which none of your commands is accepted by the game and Yasu (your pardner) dismissed you.

User “Sanugia” found a quickfix about this issue.

Quote: I found the solution for this. Go to the “LocalLow” folder and search for the game’s name. Within the folder of the game’s name is a file called “userConfig”. There the NLU_Threshold was set to 88 for me. I set it to 0,88, and now it is back to 88 in the game itself.

It’s on:

HOWEVER this issue also corrupts some saves, not being possible to advance. To be safe, you must play Portopia in one sitting.

(that’s why this guide might take awhile)



If you didn’t read the previous section, MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR THRESHOLD!

As soon as the game starts, use the PAUSE buttom (if your keyboard is different press Fn + Pause). Take a deep breath and get ready to type.

FIRST ACHIEVEMENT: Partners in Crime-Fighting
(Meet Yasu)

Ask around > Info, Hirata
About Kozo (your victim!) > Info, Toshi
About Fumie
About Komiya

Investigate Hirata > Info, Yukiko
Investigate Toshi > Location, Kobe Port & Nagisa Apartments
Investigate Yukiko

Go to Yamakawa’s Mansion > Location, Study
Search floor > Evidence, Pendant
Go inside

(crime scene)

Investigate the body > time of death: 9pm on the 17th
Investigate the weapon > Evidence, Knife
Investigate frame/photograph > Evidence, Photograph of Kozo
Investigate ashtray > Evidence, Matchbox
Investigate matchbox > Evidence updated, Pal and number 555-3149
Investigate book > Evidence, key

Go to the lounge
Examine floor > Evidence, Lighter
Examine frame/picture > Wall buttom

Go to Nagisa Apartments > Port, Ferry is docked
Ask around > Young Woman sighted
take the ferry > Sumoto Port
Nagisa Apartment > Port > Nagisa Apartment
Dial 555-3149 > Location, Bar Pal in Shikaichi Strip
Look at table > Evidence, Note

Go to Shinkaichi Strip
Ask Around > Location, Bar Pal
Go to Bar Pal
Ask about Kozo
Show Photograph > New Suspect, Kawamura
Ask About Kawamura
Investigate Kawamura
Show Lighter > Update, it’s Kawamura’s

Go to Headquarters > New lead, Kyoto
(you’ll call pretty much everyone and ask their alibis)
Komiya > doesn’t have alibi, any evidence you show he’ll talk about the basement

Go to Kyoto
Ask around > Hirata sighted

Go to headquarters > Hirata’s note, phone number 555-2493
Dial number > Location, Amida Ridge
Go to Amida Ridge

ACHIEVEMENT: Second Victim
(find another body)

Close the case (but not really)

Go back to Amida Ridge
Investigate floor > Suicide Note
Investigate Suicide Note

Go to headquarters
He died before the first victim!

Go to mansion
Go inside
Go to lounge > push button
Go to study > Basement
Examine Safe > Use key > Loan Deeds

Go to headquarters
Toshi > Hit him
Show pendant > a gift for Yukiko

call yukiko > show pendant

((right around here I unlocked))
ACHIEVEMENT: Top Interrogator

Go to Shinkaichi Strip
Ask Around > Okoi
About Okoi

Go to headquarters
Call Okoi
Ask about Kozo
Ask about Kawamura

Leave headquarters and come back inside > Sumire Tenement


close case…but not really

Headquarters > Okoi > Kawamura and Kozu > Fumie updated
Call Fumie > she’s gone
Go to Kobe Port > Board the Ferry
Ask around > Fumie’s brother
Ask around > more info on the brother

Go to headquarters > Blueprint
Basement tip: Knock three…

Go to mansion > inside > basement
Hit wall (three inputs, Yasu will complain he broke his hand)
Hidden room!
Investigate the thing
Shout! > Evidence, Diary
Read diary

Go to headquarters
Tell Yasu to take off the shirt
Insist, ask him again.
Ask him again.



Achievement: Good Cop, Bad Cop
Achievement: Case Closed


I wrote the guide as I was playing so some parts might be rough than others.

Also, I couldn’t unlock some achievements on the first playtrhough.

I’ll play more times just so I can figure the other achievements + optimize the run.

I think whenever you find victims two and three, when Yasu asks “let’s close the case”, you have to arrest one of the other suspects to unlock them. Might need some testing, but you’re welcome to try and tell me the outcomes!

Thank you so much for reading.

This tech demo was trully Our Portopia Serial Murder Case.

Thanks to Shinobu Matsuda for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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