The Planet Crafter: How to Make an Underground Bunker

Saw an abandoned base, specifically the Underground Bunker part of it? Wanted to make something like that yourself? This guide will show you how.   Preparing Depending on where you want to build an underground bunker, you’ll need some food/water. Food doesn’t REALLY depend on where, as it’s treated as the same valve for health … Read more

The Planet Crafter: How to Find ORE

This guide will help you find ores in the game and locations.   Iridium Ore Iridium is one of the components of Explosive Powder, a mid-to-late game Crafting resource. More importantly, it is also used to make Iridium Rods, an important item for building higher-tier Heating machines for Terra-forming. Iridium is also needed for Ore … Read more

The Planet Crafter: The World Map (March 2022 EA Steam Version)

A full map of Planet Crafter showing the locations of Crashed Remnant Ships, alongside the locations Blue and Gold Loot Crates.   World Map *Spoiler Free* The map with spoilers can be found after the Regional Information. Regional Information *WARNING: Unmarked Spoilers* Lakebed Starting Area :::Description::: This is the starting area where your Escape Pod … Read more