The Planet Crafter: How to Make an Underground Bunker

Saw an abandoned base, specifically the Underground Bunker part of it? Wanted to make something like that yourself? This guide will show you how.



Depending on where you want to build an underground bunker, you’ll need some food/water. Food doesn’t REALLY depend on where, as it’s treated as the same valve for health and you will encounter fall damage with the method required to do this.

KNOW THIS: This isn’t intended by the devs, which leads to several issues with it (generally somewhat difficult to construct an underground base, using jetpack over the void causes rapid fall (I don’t know what happens when you fall too far) and lakes of water will go a decent distance underground/away.)

Unstuck Exploit
This will be needed to clip through the terrain. Due to the jetpack throwing you down when you try to use it over the void, this will also be needed to fly over the void.
The unstuck exploit is very simple, mash F4.

Tip on where, and how to do it

In my experience, the abandoned base at -316, 34, -701 is a good spot to do this.

First, get inside the underground base. Then, get to a compartment you assume isn’t right below terrain OR another compartment. Then, hit Unstuck enough times to start standing on the compartment floating above the void. Then get ready to start mashing unstuck to fly over the void.

Valves run low?

If any of your valves run low, especially Oxygen, you’ll need to make a quick living compartment and door, and get ready to possibly lose a bonus chunk of your health from fall damage, as the unstuck exploit is not intentional. If you didn’t bring the resources, mash F4 a few more times and clip back up above the terrain, which is always possible.

Thanks to no for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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