The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: How to Import Your 3DS Saves

Have you ever wanted your 3DS saves on your PC? Well, you can get them there within 15 minutes!



Binding of Isaac Rebirth was released on the New Nintendo 3DS, and it offered a good way to play the game on the go. This is pretty much Rebirth as you know it, albeit with a bit of FPS drops at times. Unfortunately, this port is pretty much overshadowed by the much superior Switch version, and unlike the 3DS version, Switch has all of the DLC. Still, the 3DS port is a great way to play the game. At least it’s better than the iOS version. But I hear you asking, “I want my 3DS save on my PC!” For the 9 people who played this version, you’re in luck, because I found a way to do it!


For your 3DS, IT MUST BE HACKED. This is not possible on a stock 3DS (it might be, but it would be wildly annoying). You will also need a way to access the 3DS SD card, so either use ftdp[] to access your SD Card, or remove the SD Card[] from your 3DS. Finally, you’ll need Checkpoint[] or JKSM[]. For this guide, I used Checkpoint as I already had it on my 3DS.

NOTE: I’ve never tried JKSM, but I heard it has Google Drive support, which may make the transfer easier.

And obviously, you’ll need a copy of Rebirth on your PC. If you have Afterbirth installed, uninstall it. (You can reinstall it afterwards)

Step 1. Backing up your save

Launch Checkpoint and back up your Rebirth save. It looks like this:

This should be relatively straightforward, but if you’re booting up Checkpoint for the first time, it will take a bit of time to launch.

Once you’re done, access your SD card via whichever method you want.

Step 2. Transfer

Find Checkpoint’s directory in whichever save you put your homebrew in (mine was /3ds/Checkpoint/saves/0xF7008 The Binding of Isaac Rebirth). There, you’ll find all of your backups. 
If you have multiple, choose the most recent folder. Drag the files onto your desktop, and from here, you won’t need your 3DS anymore.

Step 3. Save Data

Go into where you installed Steam (typically
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam

) and find


. This where you’ll want to find your Steam ID. 0 is an anonymous login, so don’t use that. If you have 1 folder that isn’t 0, click that folder and look for


and then


. If you have more than 1 folder that isn’t 0, it’s really just trial-and-error until you find the right one. Once you find it, look for


and then


. If you want to keep your Steam data, make a new folder and put your old saves in there. Then you can bring that save back up if you need to. Copy any saves from the 3DS backup into this folder. If you don’t want your old saves, copy the saves and overwrite any files.

Finally, add


to the gamedata files.

After this, boot into Rebirth and check your saves. If the saves are present, you’re done!

Thanks to Blad for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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