Terra Invicta: How to Steal Councilors From Other Factions

You can steal good councilors from other factions. This guide describes how.   Why? Imagine snooping around other factions and seeing an adviser with great traits. You wish they worked for you. Although it isn’t documented in the game, they can be convinced to switch factions. Turn councilor To steal a councilor, you need to … Read more

Terra Invicta: Nation Stats Guide

Here is a guide on how the various Stats and Priorities of a Nation Interact. The Guide is a work in progress because I am writing it in large part to figure things out for myself!   GDP High values affect: – Increase Number of Control Points – Increase Difficulty of All Hostile Operations – … Read more

Terra Invicta: How to Cheat (Editing Saves)

How to quickly make things easier for yourself, no special software/programming skill required   Getting more resources 1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Terra Invicta\TerraInvicta_Data\StreamingAssets\Templates\TIFactionTemplate.json. It can be opened with any text editor, such as Notepad. 2. Find the faction you want to play next and scroll down to their “baseAnnualIncomes”. Right below that should be … Read more