TELEFORUM: Simple Achievements Guide

A guide for each achievement in Teleforum.


Guaranteed Achievements

These achievements are pretty much guaranteed to be earned, no matter your choices.

There’s a musty smell in here – Enter Adriana’s home with Juliana.
She is missed. – Finish the interview.
[Commercial Break] – Watch the first intermission.
Something’s off. – Examine Gunpowder while Adriana is away making coffee.
Let her be. – Go speak to Adriana while Julianna watches the tape. Again.
Do you understand? – Watch the second intermission. Same as the first.
It’s not the sixth floor anymore. – Select a room number while ascending the stairs.
Loyal boy. – Examine Gunpowder in the hall.
It’s not the apartment anymore. – Approach Adriana’s apartment. Once more.
It’s not …. anymore. [rw] – Beat the game.
Everyone loves a rerun. – Begin again.
I’ve got a message for you. – Beat the game.

Dialog/Interaction Achievements

These achievements can be gained by interacting with the environment or during dialog. You’ll have to play multiple times to get each one.

Take a good, long look. – Insist on looking out the window before entering Adriana’s home.
Caffeine yellows your teeth. / She makes it too hot. – Deny or accept Adriana’s coffee.
There’s something there, all right. – Look through the door’s peep hole.
Did you see that? – Examine the television.
That’s it. / Don’t. – Refuse to or willingly watch the tape with Juliana.
You should keep that. – Take down the horse shoe. It reminds Juliana of someone.
There’s something there… – Examine the television with the crow.
The story must go on, right? – Speak professionally with Adriana in the hall. Not with empathy.
You keep that memory in shape. – Remember the room.
Cherish your colleagues. – Remember her name.

RW Achievements

These achievements are akin to choice achievements, but will rewind you back to just before you made the choice.

[REWIND 01] – Speak with empathy to Adriana in the hall. Throw the camera.
[REWIND 02] – Follow that smell. Insist on following that smell.
[REWIND 03] – Insist on leaving after Gunpowder moves. The stairs would be safer.
[REWIND 04] – Insist on leaving after Gunpowder moves. The elevator would be faster.

Niche Achievements

These achievements have more specific requirements.

I remember that story. – Watch the 9th rerun in the gallery.
Now you did see them. – Watch all the reruns in the gallery.
Up is down and down is up. – Remember her name. Forget the floor. Examine the grate.
[THEY WON] – Restart the game.
I remember that day. – Enter the code from intermission B in the elevator.
[Feature Film] – Play for 2 hours.
Daily Trophy, 1973 – Earn all achievements.

Thanks to Jewel for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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