Tailbound: Annotated Maps (Level 1-4)

Maps of the game’s levels with symbols where you can find what


Level 0 – NETCON Entrance (Tutorial)

Beware, Rykah is a herm, so if you do not like breets, that may be one you’d want to skip

Level 1 – Convention Center

The door code to Alex is 5010 or 9053. There are other codes, but these work.
You can only find 2 keys but there are 3 doors that need a key. That means the second door is mutually exclusive. You get one P-AD either way, you don’t need both.

Level 2 – Basement

The thing in the top right is a steam barrier, if it’s not clear. The lever from the bottom disperses it, no access from the top at first

Level 3 – Hotel

The electro-barrier at the top is dispersed by destroying the small generator in the same room, only accessible from the right. The other two are dispersed by destroying the main generator

Level 4 – Secret Lab

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