Sun Haven: Keepsakes Guide (How to Get)

This is a guide all about keepsakes and how to obtain each one in Sun Haven!



In the guide I will show you all of the available keepsakes in the Sun Haven. Along with how to obtain each of them, and the buffs that they provide you with. Use CTRL + F to find the specific keepsake you are looking for and if you have any questions or suggestions for this guide feel free to leave a comment below! Enjoy! ūüôā

What are keepsakes?

Keepsakes are an equippable item that provides your character with an array of different buffs that will help you along your journey in Sun Haven. There are many different ones available for you and your particular play style and you can even swap them around as you please depending on what you may be doing in the game! There are 2 main types of keepsakes obtainable in Sun Haven: Introduction Keepsakes, which can be obtained from the very beginning/early on in the game. And Romance Keepsakes, which you need to develop a relationship (earn hearts) with the given NPC to get their specific keepsake.

(All romance candidates in the game, whom you can get a unique keepsake related to them)

Introduction Keepsakes

These are keepsakes that you can obtain in the beginning intro story cutscene (right away) these are dependent on how you answer certain questions in the intro story. Alternatively, the other introduction keepsakes can be purchased from the various merchants located to the left of the Town Hall in Sun Haven.

* = The choice you must make during the introduction sequence to obtain that specific keepsake

Peace Keepsake:
+5 Farming XP
Purchased from Sylvius in Nel’Vari for 50¬†Mana Orbs
*Wish for Peace

Adventure Keepsake:
+2 Attack
+0.10 Health Regen
Purchased from Rex in Sun Haven for 2000  Coins
*Wish for Adventure

Romance Keepsake:
+1 Romance
Purchased from Cynthia in Sun Haven for 4000  Coins
*Wish for Romance

Riches Keepsake:
+100 Gold each day
Purchased from Rex in Sun Haven for 2000  Coins
*Wish for Riches

Time Keepsake:
+5 Dodge
+2 Attack
Obtained by skipping the intro sequence (You get the option to skip the intro entirely

NOTE Skipping the intro sequence will not allow you to pick what keepsake you receive, instead you will always be given the Time Keepsake after skipping the beginning intro cutscene.

The choice you make during the introduction sequence will determine what keepsake you receive in the beginning of the game. (See image above for the question and the corresponding answers for each)

Romance Keepsakes

These specific types of keepsakes come from romancing or earning hearts from the various NPCs in the game.
Getting at least 6 Hearts with any romancable NPC will result in them giving you their personal keepsake item. (Some can also be purchased from Bernard in the Town Hall at a later point in the game WIP)
The buffs provided by these romance keepsakes are significantly better than the introductory keepsakes due to the amount of time it takes to obtain these keepsakes.

Catherine’s Charm
+10 Health
+15 Mana
+0.10 Mana Regen
Received from Catherine

Darius’ Royal Heirloom
+10 Health
+5 Mana
+10 Tickets every day
+100 Gold every day
Received from Darius

Jun’s Diary
+40 Health
+1.00 Health regen
Received from Jun

Anne’s Pearl Earrings
+200 Gold every day
+10 Health
Received from Anne

Kitty’s Cat Toy
+5 Fishing
+5 Attack Speed
+10 Health
Received from Kitty

Vaan’s Ruby Ring
+15% Damage Reduction
Received from Vaan

Donovan’s Dog Tag
+6 Movement Speed
+5 to all damage
+20 Jump Height
Received from Donovan

Iris’ Enchanted Totem
+0.10 Mana Regen
+15 Mana
Received from Iris

Lynn’s Shield
+10 Health
+5 Defense
+5 Mining Damage
Received from Lynn

Wornhardt’s Stethoscope
+65% Accuracy
Received from Wornhardt

Claude’s House Key
+500 Gold every day
Received from Claude

Liam’s Oven Mitts
+3 Farming XP
Received from Liam

Xyla’s Queen Chess Piece
+15 Health
+10 Mana
+5 Attack
Received from Xyla

Lucia’s Fire Orb
+20 Mana
+4 Spell Damage
Received from Lucia

Nathaniel’s Helmet
+40 Health
+15 Defense
Received from Nathaniel

I.e: Who the keepsake is received from is actually fairly self-explanatory as it’s in the keepsakes name for all romance keepsakes.


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