STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R: Treasure Chest/Unique Spot Checklist

Here is a working-in-progress checklist for all treasure chests and unique spots in STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R.


Sacred Forest (2C)

From right to left:

  1. 300 FOL
  2. 1x Fruit Syrup

Arlia (7C-1U)


  1. (CH) Church: Top Floor – 1x Magic Canvas
  2. (NC) Newlywed Couple’s House: 2nd Floor Room – 1x Blackberries
  3. (NC) Newlywed Couple’s House: 2nd Floor Room – 1x Blueberries
  4. Between Arlia Goods and (CA) Carpenter’s Home – 250 FOL
  5. Between Arlia Goods and (CA) Carpenter’s Home – 1x Leather Armor
  6. Between Arlia Goods and (CA) Carpenter’s Home – 1x Resurrection Elixir
  7. Carpenter’s Home – 1x Strawberry Jam
Unique Spot(s)

Rustic Waterwheel:


  • 50 EXP
  • 2x Resurrection Elixir

World Map—Road to Salva (3C)

  1. Facing away from Arlia; behind on your left – 5x Blueberries
  2. Along the coast West of Arlia – 1x Talisman
  3. North of Arlia; on an elevated platform (I’ll update this with the chest instructions and contents later)

Salva (3C)

  1. West Salva; behind some hanging laundry – 1x Portrait B
  2. Allen’s Mansion: West Dining Hall – 1x Fried Egg
  3. Allen’s Mansion: 2nd Floor above Dining Hall – 1x Talisman

Salva Mines (8C-1U)

The NW area is inaccessible during your first visit. Something about dragons.

  1. 1x Blackberries
  2. 1x Buckler
  3. 1x Blueberries
  4. 1x Anklet
  5. 1x Resurrection Elixir
  6. 1x Spectacles
  7. 1x Blueberries
  8. 1x Robe
Unique Spot(s)

Quietly Gleaming Minerals:


  • 100 EXP
  • 2x Ruby
  • 2x Silver

World Map—Road to Krosse (5C)

  1. Head West at the first fork. – 3x Blackberries
  2. West of Krosse City; Outside of Lasgus Mountains – 1x Gold Cross
  3. East of Krosse City; before the bridge – 1x Lunar Talisman
  4. North of Krosse City – 5x Eggs and Dairy
  5. East of Krosse City; Outside of Krosse Cave – 4x Artemis Leaf

Krosse Castle (3C-1U)

  1. 1x Leather Helmet
  2. 1x Wooden Shield
  3. 400 FOL
Unique Spot(s)

Portrait of Prince Clauzer:


  • 100 EXP
  • 1x Portrait A

Krosse Cave

Krosse Cave (14C-1U)
  1. 1000 FOL
  2. 1x Blackberries
  3. 1x Blueberries
  4. 1x Resurrection Mist
  5. 1x Leather Boots
  6. 5x Eggs and Dairy
  7. 5x Silver
  8. 2x Blackberries
  9. Empty – spawns enemies
  10. 1x Wooden Shield+
  11. 1x Ancient Text + 1x AA Device + 1x Laeticia Jewel
  12. 500 FOL
  13. 1x Sweet Potion
  14. 1x Walls of the Soul
Unique Spot(s)

Jade Green Columns:


  • 500 EXP
  • 3x Green Beryl

World Map—Path to Kurik (5C-1U)

Kurik is due North, but you can still take a detour to reach Marze, Harley, and the Mountain Palace Entrance to unlock the fast travel points if you want.

  1. SW of Harley – 5x Magic Canvas
  2. Coastline NW of Marze – 10x Lavender
  3. Coastline North of Marze – 8x Athelas
  4. West of Mountain Palace Entrance – 1x Safety Shoes
  5. Beach North of Kurik – 4x Potion of Merlin
Unique Spot(s)

Check the Waterfall just before Kurik – Dawn-Lit Cascades:


  • 100 EXP
  • 1x Benefaction Card

Kurik (4C-1U)

Get the unique spot and these chests before you try and board the ship because an upcoming story event will change the landscape of this town:

Inside the Mansion on the Hill:

  1. 1x Lyre

Inside “The Captain’s Cabin” Restaurant – Top to bottom:

  1. Behind the counter and beside the chef – 1x Vegetables
  2. 1x Grains
  3. 1x Seafood
Unique Spot(s)

Old Lighthouse:


  • 500 EXP
  • 1x Lunar Talisman+

Marze (4C-1U)

  1. (VE) Village Elder’s Home: Below some Bookshelves – 1x Purple Amulet
  2. (VE) Village Elder’s Home: Below some Bookshelves – 1x Silence Card
  3. (VE) Village Elder’s Home: Room above Bookshelves – 1x Sour Syrup
  4. (CH) Celine’s Home: 2nd Floor Room – 1x Silk Robe
Unique Spot(s)

Monument of Truth:


  • 500 EXP
  • 3x Witch Powder

Forest of Symbols (6C)

  1. 3x Smelling Salts
  2. 1x Amber Robe
  3. 1x Knight’s Shield+
  4. 1000 FOL
  5. 5x Crystal
  6. 3x Resurrection Elixir

Salva Mines—Dragon Lair (9)

After the events in Marze and the Forest of Symbols, you can finally head to Harley. Talk to the first NPC in Harley to learn about a Dragon in Salva. You can now explore the previously inaccessible NW area of the Salva Mines. At the end of this path, you’ll have the option to recruit Ashton.

  1. 1x Sweet Potion
  2. 1x Open Helmet
  3. 1x Brigandine
  4. 1x Gold Earring
  5. 1x Swords of Deflection
  6. 1x Silver Greaves
  7. 1x Dragon’s Ribbon
  8. 1x Diamond
  9. 1x Star Ruby

Mountain Palace Depths (11C-1U)

I believe you need Ashton recruited to progress a series of events that will give you access to this place. After recruiting him and learning about your objectives from the bookshelves in Marze, visit the King of Krosse City to get permission to enter the Mountain Palace.

  1. 1x Faerie Elixir
  2. 1x Foot Insignia+
  3. 1x Silver Greaves
  4. 1x X Clip Kit
  5. 1x Warrior Idol
  6. 1x Fruit Syrup
  7. 4x Resurrection Elixir
  8. 1x Ring of Healing
  9. 3x Hot Syrup
  10. 2000 FOL
  11. 1x Plate Helmet
Unique Spot(s)

Same location as Chest #7 – Warrior Idle – A Strange Laboratory:


  • 500 EXP
  • 3x Hermetic Philosophy

Lasgus Mountains (1C-1U)

  1. Flare Ring+
Unique Spot(s)

Visible as you reach the Summit – The Monarch’s Roost:


  • 500 EXP
  • 3x The Bestiary

World Map—Lasgus Exit (3C-1U)

To reach this part of the World Map, exit NE from Lasgus Mountains.

  1. North of the entrance – 2x Veda Idol
  2. NW of the entrance and along the coastline – 2x Resurrection Mist
  3. SW of the entrance; hug the Southern shoreline- 4x Star Ruby
Unique Spot(s)

Head West from the entrance – Ruins in the Desert:


  • 1000 EXP
  • 1x Twin Splicers+

World Map—Krosse Cleanup (10C-1U)

Bunny Call Cleanup!

To get access to the Super Specialty Bunny Call, you’ll need:

  • 2 members with Lv4 Familiar
  • 1 member with Lv1 Scouting

Now you’re ready to clean up the rest of the continent. The bunny will let you climb over terrain and cross shallow waters. This should allow you to get most if not all the remaining chests.

  1. North of Arlia – 5x Engineer’s Handbook
  2. Mountains East of Salva – 2x The Bestiary
  3. SW of Lasgus Mountains – 3x Angel Statuette
  4. NE of Arlia – 4x Magic Canvas
  5. North of Marze – 1x Lunar Talisman
  6. South of Kurik – 3x Yogurt
  7. NE of Kurik – 4x Friends of the Woods
  8. Behind the entrance to the Great Palace – 1x Princess Ring+
  9. NW of Chest #8 – 1x Plate Helmet+
  10. NE tip of the continent – 2x Faerie Mist
Unique Spot(s)

NE Arlia (near Chest #4) – A Coral Paradise:


  • 500 EXP
  • 1x Blue Talisman+

Harley (5C-1U)

  1. (EH) Eleanor’s Home: 2nd Floor SW Room – 1x Ring of Sadness
  2. (ZM) Zandor’s Mansion: Front Lobby – 1x Leather Boots
  3. (ZM) Zandor’s Mansion: 1st Floor Eastern Room (Hidden) – 1x Ring Mail
  4. (ZM) Zandor’s Mansion: 2nd Floor NE Room – 1200 FOL
  5. (ZM) Zandor’s Mansion: 2nd Floor NW Room – 1x Sinclair
Unique Spot(s)

The Emperor of Fish:


  • 500 EXP
  • 5x Fishy Fragrance

Hilton (1U)

Unique Spot(s)

Hilton’s Open-Air Market:


  • 500 EXP
  • 3x Cinderella Glass
World Map—Lacuer Cleanup (10C-1U)
  1. SW tip of Lacuer continent – 1x Aphrodisiac
  2. South of Hilton – 1x Meteorite
  3. South of Hilton – 1x Star Necklace
  4. South of Hilton – 5x Goddess Statuette
  5. South of Hilton – 1x Meteorite
  6. SSW of Lacuer City – 1x Fuzzy Hand Stick
  7. SSE of Lacuer City – 1x Silver Greaves
  8. South of Lacuer City (below/close proximity) – 7x Blackberries
  9. South of Lacuer Front Line Base (before the land bridge) – 7x Shrimp
  10. North of Hilton (before the land bridge) – 2x Orichalcum
  11. SW of Lacuer Front Line Base – 5x Scroll of Power
Unique Spot(s)

Same area as Chests #2-5 – Gift from the Sky:


  • 1000 EXP
  • 1x Meteor Ring+

Lacuer City & Castle (4C-1U)

Lacuer City – Unique Spot(s)

Statue of the 3 Warriors


  • 500 EXP
  • 3x Scroll of Power
Lacuer Castle
  1. 13x Sour Syrup
  2. 1x Star Earring
  3. 1x Star Ruby
  4. Currently inaccessible – to update later



You can also check out the full checklist on Google Docs.

Thanks to Jedo for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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