STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R: 100% Achievement Guide (WIP)

Achievement Guide – I posted the list for now.


List – To Categorize Later

The Evil Stone
Proof of solving the incident in Salva Mines.Time to Hone Our Skills!
Proof of improving a battle skill, IC, or specialty skill for the first time.

Super Duper
Proof of learning a super specialty.

Let’s Make Something!
Create an item with an IC skill.

The Wanderer’s Way
Proof of walking more than 8,000 steps.

A Fateful Encounter
Proof of starting the adventure as Rena.

The Gang’s All Here
Proof of assembling a full party of 8 characters.

Kidnapped No More
Proof of rescuing the town of symbologists from their plight.

Hero of Light
An honor bestowed upon those who complete the game as Claude.

The Ore of Hope
Proof of finding the precious mineral in the Hoffman Ruins.

Blue Wings Racing through the Sky
Proof of soaring with the Psynard.

Let’s Do This as a Team!
Proof of using assault actions 20 times with set party members.

An Otherworldly Paradise
Proof of miraculously reaching Energy Nede despite the perilous circumstances.

Proof of defeating the commander of the monster army.

Now I’m Really Ticked Off!
Enter Rage 10 times due to fallen party members.

The Warmth of Long Ago
Proof of learning Rena’s past in a certain laboratory.

The Final Battle Awaits!
Proof of a final night spent in L’Aqua.

A Growing Experience
Proof of crossing blades with mighty opponents at the Armory Contest.

A Crack in the Seams
Proof of defeating one of the Ten Wise Men for the first time.

The Almighty
Proof of reaching max level in all 28 IC skills, specialties, and super specialties.

Hope of Nede
An honor bestowed upon those who complete the game as Rena.

Trustworthy Forerunner
Proof of doing battle with an advantage due to the Super Specialty “Bodyguard.”

Astute Angler
Proof of a first-class fisherman who has caught many kinds of fish and obtained the Masterwork Rod.

Whatever the Outcome…
Proof of seeing the Armory Contest through to the end.

Intertwined Futures
Proof of seeing more than 15 endings.

Tearful Bunnies
Upset bunnies 10 times.

Heroic Feet
Proof of walking more than 40,000 steps.

Steady Progress
Proof of completing 100 challenge missions.

Seven-Colored Voices
Proof of freeing the entire Voice Collection.

Angel beneath the Earth
Proof of victory over the being who awaits in the depths of the Maze of Tribulations.

Rapturous Angel
Proof of defeating the crazed celestial being summoned by the Devil’s Aria.

The Destroyer’s Truth
Ultimate proof of learning the truth and besting the ultimate destroyer.

Intergalactic Thief
Proof of successfully pickpocketing 20 times.

The Wise Are No Match for the Grind
An honor bestowed upon a stalwart soul who emerged triumphant in the Ten Wise Men Return.

Five-Star Chef
Proof of an ultra elite chef who bested Yarma, the God of Food, in Cooking Master.

Outstanding Insight
Proof of having 5 correct predictions at the Bunny Races.


Place of Interest
Proof of discovering a unique spot for the first time.While playing Claude’s story, the first Unique Spot you’ll encounter will be a Rustic Waterwheel in Arlia. Please see the guide for a screenshot of this Unique Spot and any other ones that come up.



The Sultry Symbologist
Proof of recruiting Celine. “If you want to pick a fight, you had best choose your opponents more carefully…” (Missable)

After your audience with the King of Krosse City, 2 Smybologists will have an argument in the city square. One of them is Celine. After the scenes, choose to go with her to explore Krosse Cave. Upon completing your exploration and as you leave the cave, you’ll have the option of asking her to join your travelling party for the achievement.

The Cursed Swordsman
Proof of recruiting Ashton. “I said, ‘You have to take responsibility for this!'” (Missable)

Soon after the events in Marze and the Forest of Symbols, you’ll make your way to Harley. Talk to the first NPC in Harley to learn about a Dragon in Salva. Head to Salva for a Time Limited Event to explore the previously inaccessible NW section of the Salva Mines. Make your way to the final objective to enter a cutscene with Ashton. Choose to “Take responsibility.” to recruit him and get the achievement.

The Gentlehearted Zoologist
Proof of recruiting Noel. “Survival is a battle, and only the strong survive. Isn’t that how it works?”

The Spitfire Creator
Proof of recruiting Welch. “C’mon, we’re gonna whip you into shape!”

The Young Inventor
Proof of recruiting Precis. “It’s just kinda like, la la la!”

The Scholarly Pharmacist
Proof of recruiting Bowman. “Every expedition needs an experienced, knowledgeable scientist in the party, doesn’t it?”

The Hot-Blooded Journalist
Proof of recruiting Chisato. “Well, duh! I’ve got to find out how your story ends.”

The Scientific Whiz Kid
Proof of recruiting Leon. “This is nothing for someone like me. I am a genius, after all.”

The Lone Wolf Swordsman
Proof of recruiting Dias. “I’m strong because I wanted to protect myself.”

The Fiery and Fixated Aristocrat
Proof of recruiting Opera. “I already have somebody in my life.”

The Itinerant Archaeologist
Proof of recruiting Ernest. “I’m an archaeologist…and if you lived in the States, chances are you’ve heard of me before.”


Personal Relations
Proof of deepening friendship through lots of personal interactions with party members.


Visitor from Afar
Proof of starting the adventure as Claude.


Intertwined Futures
Proof of seeing more than 15 endings.


Master of the Star Ocean
Proof of one who has completely mastered the ocean of stars.

Thanks to Jedo for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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