Space Engineers: How to Modify the Character Speed with Mods

Modification of the “Character.sbc” file will allow you to modify all the walk/run/speed/climb parameters . – You have to make a mod in other words – Specials thanks to Junrall for the inspiration =)   Where is the file? Into your computer : -C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SpaceEngineers\Content\Data Name? -Characters.sbc Now what? -Copy the file Where to … Read more

Space Engineers: Visual Scripting Tool Guide

A guide on how to assemble some simple scripts to control game play for a scenario.   Visual Scripting Tool This guide will show how to construct and understand the example scenario from here. Step 1:¬†Build a grid In this example, I have a refinery, a cargo box, a button panel and a battery. the … Read more

Space Engineers: Ore Finder Plus [OFP] Guide 2022

This guide will help you configure Ore Finder Plus. OFP is a in-game script used to detect and record the GPS location of ore deposits on planets or asteroids.   Description Ore Finder Plus [OFP] is a in-game script that allows you to catalog ore deposits on planets or asteroids. Installation Requirements for your vehicle … Read more

Space Engineers: How to Create an Auto Airlock

This guide will show you how to create a auto airlock using only one Sensor and one Timer block for the hangar doors to open/close and Press/Depress automatically when detecting a small ship.   Basic Manual Airlock using buttons: Do it manually first so by using a *Button Panel block and adding all the important … Read more

Space Engineers: XB-1 Manual 2021 (Drone & Armament)

Short manual for XB-1 drone. Covers guidance modes, using modular armament etc. Intro This guide will introduce you to the possibilities and functions of XB-1 drone and it’s armament. You can find a blueprint for the drone here. And for the modular armament here. Getting Started If you play in creative, simply past the blueprint … Read more

Space Engineers: Thruster Damage Range

This is a list of all of the vanilla Space Engineers thrusters and their damage range. I saw many guides in the past all showing different results, so I decided to test it for myself.   Atmospheric Thrusters Small Grid – Small Atmospheric Thrusters: 1 Small Grid Block Small Grid – Large Atmospheric Thrusters: 4 … Read more

Space Engineers: Playing it cool Achivment Save File

Achievement Playing it cool for the Frostbite DLC scenario is time-consuming and difficult – you need to really understand the game well. Personally, it was difficult for me to get this achievement. For the same players, here is a save file.   DLC To unlock this trophy, you will need the purchased Frostbite DLC. I’m … Read more

Space Engineers: How to fix Steam Error Accessing Service

In this guide I will show you how to fix a Steam error that prevents players from being able to post blueprints to the workshop. This bug has been showing up more frequently for more people so I have made this guide on how to fix the bug until the Steam Devs can introduce a … Read more

Space Engineers: Planet Map 3D Guide

This guide covers the set up of the Planet Map 3D script, as well as detailing the various commands and features of the script.   QUICK SET UP Load this script on a programmable block. Put the tag “[MAP]” in the name of the block where you want the map to be displayed. If the … Read more