Sons Of The Forest: How to Get Girl with 3 legs to Simp over you

You ever wanted a 3 legged spouse, partner, co worker, friend? Well then you are at the right place my friend.


The 3 Legged Shawty

The 3 legged shawty notes

– Can Hold a Pistol And Shotgun At The Same Time
-Will Show Some Spicy Dances From Her Past Days Working At Clubs
-Only Moans and Does Not Speak
-Brings You Green Herbs And Doesnt Charge Per Gram
-Is the Embodiment Of A Dream Girl

What You Will Need To Win Over Said 3 Legged Shawty

-The Mind Of a Giga Chad
-A GPS Locator
-A Keybaord With Sons Of The Forset Keybind Letters

Finally, How to Get 3 Legged Shawty To Simp

Use The Giga Chad Mind To Ignore Her and Play Hard To Get, I Understand That Her Having 3 Legs Makes It 3 Times Harder To Ignore But Do What Chad Would Do.

Once You Ignored Her Enough, She Will Get Depressed And Feel Like She Is Worthless, Only Then Will She Make The First Move and Start to Come Closer and Closer To You.

This Is Where We Pull The Giga Chads Dad Move and Ignore Her Like Shes Your Wife Asking Whats For Dinner. This Will Cause Her To Go Into Phase 3, Three Legged Simpism

She Will Be Overwhelmed With The Negative Feedback We Gave Her and Will Give Herself Up To Us Finally, Sitting On The Ground Understanding We Are Higher Than She Is, And Only Then Can We Put A GPS Locator On Her To Make Sure She Does Not Run Away.

Thanks to ZeroChill for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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