SLUDGE LIFE 2: All Items Guide (How to Obtain)

This guide explains how to get every item in the game, a fairly noob-proof guide.



This guide is in strictly English, sorry to those who don’t speak it.

This guide explains how to get every item in the game, it’s fairly straight forward with pictures and text.
Items will be in order as listed in the items menu and if the item is story based spoilers will be spread through the guide.

If you have any questions, want anything added, or have any guide suggestions, put them in the comments.

Also subscribe to scoob on YouTube because this took 2 hours of pictures and typing and if this is popular I will make a video version.


Go to room 703 in Ciggy City Suites.
Enter and you will see a guy on a ripoff green screen.
Take the camera on the tripod in the center of the room, and there you go.

~Picture Guide~


Take a left out of Ghost’s apartment and go to the rooftops of Ciggy City Suites.
Walk straight until you see a building with a blue roof and a yellow ladder.
Climb up the ladder and approach the leaking sand to find the glider.

~Picture Guide~


Go to the exit/entrance of Ciggy City.
Walk until you see a toothpaste colored boat hovercraft thingy.
Make a left and climb some containers until you find the warper on a table next to a coder guy.

~Picture Guide~


In Ghost’s apartment, there is a safe that can be unlocked with the code found in the file “DONT FORGET”
For you lazy clops not willing to hit left click once, the code is 5721.

~Picture Guide~


Go to the elevator on floor 4 of Ciggy City Suites to see a guy stuck in the door.
His shoes are banned, and he asks you to take them to avoid trouble.
Use the ramp to the right to get to the broken elevator 3.
Enter the top part and take the shoes off of his feet and they are yours.

~Picture Guide~


Make your way to 07 CHEMICO warp station, TP or walk I don’t really care.
Proceed through the blue Chemico building and enter the doorless door frame on the right of the receptionist.
Take a left into the closest door and the BUB-O headgear will be in a locker.

~Picture Guide~


The BUB-O headgear is required, see category above.
Go to floor 4 of the Ciggy City Suites and climb up the massive Ciggy head’s big ass chain.
Behind and to the left of the two sci- humble cleaning persons, there’s a door you can go into with a tunnel.
Climb through the tunnel to find another tunnel and a humble cleaning person with no PHD whatsoever.
Instead, crawl through the tiny crack that the man’s Necro-Mold finder is pointing to.
Congrats! A killer mushroom is now yours.

~Picture Guide~


You have officially reached the final enjoyable pain in the ass for people who need a walkthrough for everything, the Mini Launcher. First, you need to get all 100 tags. Providing tag locations is not my problem, but I would recommend using Vandal Eyes as they point towards untagged spots.
Once you have finished all 100 tags, room 604 in the Ciggy City Suites should be unlocked.  Take this code to a safe in the Chemico break room where the BUB-O was to unlock the Mini Launcher. Enter UZZI’s room, ignore the blindfold, and look on the whiteboard behind the smoking frog for the code of a safe in Chemico. The code is 9225 for the loser lazy clops out there, I’m not that rude.

~Picture Guide~

Chemico Safe Code = 9225

Thanks to scoob for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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