SLUDGE LIFE 2: 100% Achievement Guide

A Guide to all the achievements, but not tag locations. This is still a work in progress. Dose not include Bird Photos. YOU NEED TO CHECK THE IN GAME TO-DO LIST TO UNLOCK ACHIEVEMENTS ON STEAM



Welcome Back! Just like in the previous game, The map given for warp stations is accurate to there location, if you need help, use the screen shots below to narrow down the wapr stations location.
#1 The Beach (top of the map, highest place you can tp to)

#2 Court (Under Beach)

#3 Lobby (Under Court)

#4 Bridge (under and to the north of Lobby)

#5 Square

#6 Butcher

#7 Chemico

#8 Stacker 01

#9 Stacker 02

#10 Tanks



After leaving the starting room, go across the hall to room 703 , In there will be a camera on a tripod, take it.Glider

Get to the roof of the elevator on the starting building, and follow it to the yellow area underneath the next building. A glider will be waiting in that pile.


Once you leave Cig City, and you get warp station #4, go to the buildings to the right, behind them are shipping containers, talk to the people in that area.

Vandal Eyes

First upgrade you get, it is in the safe in the starting room, Code is 5721


Go to the main floor of the cig city complex and then go down another floor, but above the cig crystal chandelier. You should be able to find a opening to the elevator. Take the shoes off his feet.


Inside Chemico building (Warp Station 7). It is inside a locker near the middle of the building.


In Cig City, use the chain on the big chandelier as a rope and climb up. This area is very maze like. There are 2 or 3 different ways to get to where the screen shot is showing. Once there, go in the direction the human is looking under the crack. A mushroom will be inside the next room. You need BUB-O upgrade before it will let you pick up the mushroom


The upgrade is hidden away in a safe in chemico. You gain access to the whiteboard with the code on it once you have completed all tag locations and are on the way to that ending.

Safe Hands

Safe Hands
Overall there are 6 safes, all have a purpose but one.
This is the safe for vandal eyes, It is in spawn room. Code can be found on a txt on your desktop, 5721

This safe is in the gambling hide out at warp station 6, use the port-a-poty on the right, it will have a hallway in it, safe is in the hallway in a back room. Bribe the guy outside on a boat with a cig for the code.

In the Clops building by warp station #5 square. On the main floor you will come across a room with lazers for a door. Press esc then press it again to close menu, you spawned a laptop when doing so, keep on re spawning and de spawning until you get it to land in front of a lazer to block the path. The code can be found on a sticky note on a computer

This safe serves no purpose of unlocking anything other than a pack of smokes. Head too warp station #5 Square. Go to the building with the blue banner above the locked cracked front door. Enter through the roof and explore. Last room on the right of the hallway has the safe, talk to the manager in the other room for the code.

This safe is in the chemico building across from the upgrade in the locker. The code can be found when you 100% all tag locations, on the white board in the ending room.

At warp station 4, to the far right in the shipping containers directly underneath the Warper upgrade, is a safe. 7634 is the code, you have to turn down your game volume for the npc to talk too you

App Loving

App Loving
There are a total of 6 apps to install,To get the Cigy app, Press C to smoke a cig in game and it will unlock on your desktop. You must have picked up a pack of smokes. Look around for them, they are common to find.

Another one you unlock is for dying, it will unlock a death currency counter to show how much you owe.

Gato Mago Crack Go to Warp Station 5, and head to the apartment complex, go to room 1C on the first floor, on the desk in there will be your disc

Gato Mago Room 403, Use the window outside to enter.

To-Do List Underneath the soccer field, the red door will be locked, go through the room on the right, there will be a hole in the wall you can crawl through.

In the pigeon office by Warp Station #5, The building with the cracked and locked door you can only enter through the roof.

Misc / Collectibles

Still Zoom
3 locations for zoom trips1st is at the top of Cig Tower

2nd is out side of cig city, circle the big structure you just came from until you find a big rock with a boat.

3rd is at Warp Station 8, Stacker 01

In Cig City, around warp station 2, there is a soccer field, when you kick the ball it will bounce up and your screen is the border in which it bounces around, get it up to 20.

Head to Warp Station 5, Square. You should find a skate board on the ground, go on it and jump, when mid air press F.

Find Every Master
These are you’r friends you bomb huge canvases with, make sure to talk to them once done. This should be gotten if you are getting all tags.

Complete 10 Photo Prompts.
Plenty of NPC’s that want a photo taken, run around and talk to a couple or go spamming photos on everyone and thing you can.

Crack Gato Mago. Unlock both apps, then run the crack. Then go back to to-do list to make sure your achievement pops.


Live at the Bluniverse

This ending is achieved after rescuing Big Mud from the freezer in Butcher warp station, and then returning to Beach warp station and then entering the tower with the crowd of people around it. Go up the elevator and in to the blue room.Grandma’s Love

This ending can be achieved by hitting all tag locations. The Vandal Eyes power up is extremely helpful with hunting down missed tags. Once all the tags are done, you will be able to enter room 604 on floor 6 that was originally blocked by a bodyguard.


After getting the NecroShroom, Bring it to the base of followers on the outskirts of the map. Fastest way i found was going to Beach warp station, Climbing to the sand bucket, and jumping off and flying there once you know its location. Give the shroom to the person.

Thanks to Foozo for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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