Sixty Four: Save Files Location

Greetings, time travelers and puzzle solvers! In the captivating world of “Sixty Four”, managing your journey through save states is as crucial as unraveling the mysteries themselves. Thanks to insights from BogusPad, this guide will illuminate the path to finding and understanding your save files, ensuring you can always pick up right where you left off in this enigmatic adventure.


Where to Find the Save Files:

This game presents a unique and intuitive system for save states, seamlessly integrated into the game’s interface. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Locating Save Games:
    • Upon entering the game, direct your attention to the far left center of the screen. Here, you’ll discover a subtle yet significant feature – four dots. These dots are the gateways to your progress.
  2. Interpreting the Dots:
    • Each dot represents a different save state, a snapshot of your journey at various points in time. To peek into these time capsules, simply hover over the dots. You’ll be greeted with details about each save, specifically the date and time (e.g., 5.03, 17:27), providing a clear reference to your progress milestones.
  3. Navigating Through Saves:
    • The first dot is your most recent lifeline to the game. It holds your latest actions, decisions, and discoveries, ready to spring back to life with a click.
      • (Image illustrating the first dot and its details)
    • Conversely, the last dot is a portal to the past, harboring your earliest preserved moment within the game’s universe.
      • (Image showcasing the last dot along with its save information)

Note: This game does not support Steam Cloud currently.

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