Sixty Four: How to Obtain Each Achievement

Welcome, miners and strategists! Prepare to delve into the core of Sixty Four, unlocking the secrets to achieving greatness in this captivating game. Thanks to proxorov2003 in Steam Community, we have a comprehensive guide to help you claim every achievement, from gathering elusive stones to masterful game maneuvers.


Stone Collection Achievements:

Embark on a geological quest to gather various stones, each with its unique charm and challenge:

  1. Fool’s Gold: Unearth some Elmerine, the game’s version of gold, which you’ll encounter almost immediately upon finding a yellow stone.
  2. Deep Purple: Dive deep to extract Qanetite, the coveted purple stone that lies hidden within the game’s depths.
  3. Blood of the Land: Seek out Beta-Pylene, the red stone that pulses with the land’s lifeblood.
  4. Green Energy: Discover the Hell gem, a green stone imbued with mysterious energy.
  5. Hot Glass: Find Chromalit, a unique form of HOT glass that’s as intriguing as it is valuable.
  6. Holy Concrete (Celestial): Acquire Celestial Foam, a material that seems to be from another realm.
  7. Can it do dishes? (Hollow Stone): Get your hands on a Hollow Stone, filled with potential and mystery.
  8. Where the Sun Don’t Shine (Void): Embrace the darkness by obtaining some Void, a substance that defies explanation.
  9. Who You Gonna Call?: Capture the essence of reality itself with a Reality stone, a cornerstone of existence in the game.

Stones Achievements for Main Quests:

  1. Nietzsche: Peer into the abyss 64 times, a nod to the philosophical exploration of the unknown.
  2. 64K: Amass a total of 64,000 stones, a testament to your dedication and perseverance.
  3. 64M: Elevate your collection to 64,000,000 stones, showcasing an unmatched commitment to the game.
  4. 64B: Achieve the monumental feat of gathering 64,000,000,000 stones, a milestone few can dream of reaching.


Quests Achievements:

These achievements add a twist to your gameplay, offering new challenges and moments of whimsy:

  1. You May Reset Now: Find yourself back at square one by resetting the game, a fresh start to rekindle your adventure.
  2. Perpetuum Shmobile: Innovatively connect two silos together, creating a new synergy within your mining operation.
  3. Need a Break?: Dedicate 64 hours to the game, immersing yourself in its depths and intricacies.
  4. Must… Destroy: Engage in a cube-clicking frenzy 6,400 times, testing your patience and endurance.
  5. Architect: Construct 64 machines, becoming a master builder and strategist in the game’s world.
  6. Destroyer: Take a darker path by destroying 64 machines, demonstrating the impermanence of even the most solid structures.
  7. Hellraiser: Erect 9 Hell Vaults, delving into the game’s darker elements with gusto.
  8. End/Beginning: Trigger the explosion of the Inverse Chasm, a pivotal moment that blurs the line between an ending and a new beginning.
  9. Cookie Clicker: Discover and click a hidden cookie, a nod to the simple pleasures amidst the complexity of the game.
  10. Drunken Sailor: Honk 64 times for no apparent reason, embracing the whimsical side of your journey.
  11. Mr. Mine: Establish 9 Excavating Channels, expanding your mining empire across the game’s landscape.
  12. Is There a Limit?: Push the boundaries by digging down 64 km deep, challenging the very foundation of the game’s world.
  13. Seth Brundle: Teleport 64 times, mastering the art of instant movement and strategic repositioning.
  14. Red-Blue Rock: Finish the game without deleting anything for 5 minutes while having less than 15 Containment Silos, a delicate balancing act of conservation and strategy.
  15. Straight to Hell!: Secure a Hell Gem within the first 64 minutes of the game, a swift dive into the game’s darker resources.
  16. Scratch the Surface: Begin your excavation journey by digging down 64 meters, marking the first step into the game’s depths.
  17. Is It Hot?: Delve deeper to reach 640 meters, where the earth’s warmth hints at the treasures below.
  18. Too Deep: Venture further to a depth of 6,400 meters, where few dare to tread and the game’s secrets lie buried.
  19. 64 Kmph Down: Race against time to reach a depth of 6,400 meters within just 6 minutes of placing a new Excavation Channel, a feat of speed and precision.



With this guide in hand, you’re now equipped to tackle the diverse challenges offered. From the strategic collection of rare stones to the mastery of game mechanics and the pursuit of quirky achievements, there’s a wealth of experiences waiting for you. Dive back into the game with renewed purpose and ambition, and may your journey be as rewarding as it is adventurous. Happy mining, and remember, every achievement is a step toward becoming a legend in your own right.

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  1. Respectfully, I would like to inform the owner/creator of this article that there is accidental misinformation presented under point 1, which states that the “You May Reset Now” achievement is earned by simply resetting your game’s progress. This isn’t actually true, and the actual way to earn this achievement is by surrounding an extracting channel with machines in the early game before you have the ability to remove machines or place down another extracting channel. This prevents mined cubes from spawning, thus soft locking the game. Another correction should be made under point 14, in which the time mentioned should be 15 minutes rather than 5.


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