Shadows Over Loathing: ‘Just Showing Off’ Achievement Guide (How to Defeat the Ziggurat Goliath)

Describes how to defeat the Ziggurat Goliath which dwells within the Gatorman Fortress.

Only covers a cheese wizard build.



This achievement is granted after defeating the Ziggurat Goliath in the Gatorman Fortress in “The Big Moist” which becomes available in Chapter 3.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. If you want to try defeating him on your own turn back now.


Goliath is a heavy hitter who seems to either focus on the main player or attack the entire party. Therefore, having a large party doesn’t seem to benefit this fight. Wrote this with Cheese Wizard in mind but substitute for your class specific equivalents.


  • Each class has an ability to do damage to the target equal to their stat. For Cheese Wizard, that would be “Mind Melt” doing target’s Mysticism damage. You should have this ability.
  • High combat item usage. Ziggurat Power Perk which grants extra 3 combat item usages. Achieved by repairing Ziggurat statue in Gatorman Fortress. Monster Sash which grants 1 extra combat item use. Achieved by completing Monster Shack quests.
  • About 5 combat items to prevent Goliath damage (Shield for invulnerability or Shadow Lasso to confuse)
  • Lots of combat items, preferably able to do 10-15 damage per lob (Nasty Pastry, Cola Wars Grenade)
  • High Action Points (Bleu Brilliance, Limburger Limberness, Arthropod Affinity Skills | Basic Humanity Perk)
  • High AP regeneration (Driver’s Cap or Proto-type electro helmet, “old, cold coffee” effect)
  • AP recovery items (Battery (+1 AP) or Vigor item (+3 AP, +1 AP Regen))

Having high stats shouldn’t be required since basic attacks aren’t really useful. In fact, Goliath is capable of reducing your stats by 20+ while boosting his own by 3 each attack. Goliath is also “irradiated” so attacks will bolster his own stats by 1 per attack. He also has a little over a thousand health to whittle down.

How can we win then? By judo slamming the boss with his own stats. Your stat combat skill can deal damage equal to the appropriate opponent stat. Whenever the boss would attack, shield yourself, then lob damage items at him till you’ve exhausted your combat item uses. This will slowly get his stats up. Follow this up with your stat combat attacks to further damage him and boost his stats before finishing with a basic attack. Hold out a round or two before using the AP recovery items (use AP regen early) so you’re dealing higher damage per attack.

Once you’re attacking 3 times with your stat combat skill at around 40 damage a piece, plus the combat items you’ve been using, you’ll be burning through that health like cheese.

Repeat until he is sufficiently dead.

Thanks to Jack B Nymble for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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