Shadows Over Loathing: All Room Collectibles

A list of all of the items you can add to your room, where to obtain them, and what they do.


In the beginning of the game, you are given an empty room in the attic of Murray’s Antiques store, which you can fill with various souvenirs and knick-knacks as you progress through the story. Below is an abbreviated list of every item you can add to your room (organized from left-to-right as they appear in the room).


Location: Ocean City – Your Room
Day Unlocked: 2

Accept the mob’s offer after waking up on Day 2. The nightstand will spawn after you complete your first errand for the mob.

Functionality: Awards you a Briefcase Full of Meat after completing each mob errand, which contains 300-900 Meat.

Steam Vent

Location: S.I.T. Campus – Spider Wing
Day Unlocked: 3

Interact with the loose steam vent on the right-hand side of the Spider Wing.

Ship Steering Wheel

Location: The Big Moist – Wrecked Riverboat
Day Unlocked: 4

Found inside Captain Dan’s quarters at the Wrecked Riverboat.
(See this guide for more information on how to unlock the Wrecked Riverboat location.)

Functionality: When interacted with, it causes the screen to shake momentarily, as if you are “steering” your room.

S.I.T. Poster

Location: S.I.T. Campus – Hilbert House
Day Unlocked: 3

Interact with any poster inside rooms marked B or C.
The images and words are randomly generated.
Only one poster can be hung at a time.

(NOTE: Hilbert House can only be unlocked if you choose either the Chemistry major, Meta-Acoustics minor, or Spiders elective.)

Tentacle Buddy

Location: Ocean City – Tentacle House
Day Unlocked: 1

Defeat all enemies in the Tentacle House. A flower pot will spawn in your room that you can then plant a Tentacle Seed into.

Functionality: Interacting with the tentacle 10 times gives you the “Ten Tickles” achievement.

Cow Skull

Location: Crystaldream Lake – Junkyard
Day Unlocked: 2

After entering the trash pile, go through the tunnel on the right and go down. The skull should be propped up against the wall.

Workbench Items

Tiny Workbench

Location: The Big Moist – Phlemburg’s Place
Day Unlocked: 4

Interact with the pile of tiny workbenches on the right side of the room.

Functionality: Can be used to craft combat items.

Arcane Hot Plate

Location: S.I.T. Campus – Rufus’ Lab
Day Unlocked: 3

Interact with the crate in the lower right-hand corner of the lab.
Functionality: Can be used to craft food.

Doll-sized Chemistry Set

Location: Gray Country – Gilmore House
Day Unlocked: 5

Found in the bedroom of the house.

Functionality: Can be used to craft potions.

Shelf Items

Model Pumpjack

Location: Gray Country – The Oil Baron’s Refinery (Quest-only)
Day Unlocked: 5

Found on the rightmost side of the Inner Sanctum, next to a bed. Unobtainable after completing Jasper’s quest.

Old Ragdoll

Location: N/A
Day Unlocked: N/A

Obtained by default. Can be modified to a 3-armed version by completing the Sandwich Museum side quest.
(See this guide for more details.)

Employee of the Month Plaque

Location: Gray Country – Ford Compound
Day Unlocked: 6

Interact with the plaque on the wall after obtaining the Ford Employee Record item.
Requires the Letter Opener item.
Only obtainable if you answered “yes” when asked if you were an employee during the prologue.

Functionality: Grants the “Adventurer of the Year” effect, which awards 10 extra XP in combat.

Electrical Orb

Location: The Big Moist – Radio Shack
Day Unlocked: 4

Found on the right side of the room on top of a drawer.

Functionality: Grants the “Orb Energized/Orb Gazer/Orb touched” effect, which grants +1 Muscle/Mysticality/Moxie depending on your character class.

Spooky Music Box

Location: Gray Country – Moleross House
Day Unlocked: 5

Found in the upstairs bedroom of the house, sitting on a dresser.

Functionality: Grants the “Haunted” effect, which grants +3 Spooky Armor and plays creepy music in the room.

Twinkling Crystal

Location: Crystaldream Lake – Crystal Store
Day Unlocked: 2

Complete the Crystal Store side quest.

Functionality: Grants the “Twinkling Fingers” effect, which grants +3 to Magical Weapon Attacks.

Weird Rock

Location: Ocean City – Durch House
Day Unlocked: 1

Complete the St. Polycarp side quest, and then interact with the urn in the basement of the church.

Star-Shaped Rug

Location: Ocean City – Mrs. Brewster’s
Day Unlocked: 1

Complete the side quest at Mrs. Brewster’s Home for Travelling Salesmen.

Refrigerator on a Chain

Location: The Big Moist – Gator Fortress
Day Unlocked: 4

Found in the lower left-hand side of the ktichen area, just north of where Charles is.

Functionality: Contains Gatorman Cola, a potion that increases your maximum HP by 11.

Crescent Throne

Location: Ocean City – Chop Shop
Day Unlocked: 1

Defeat the Tin Lizzies leader, or trick her into letting you sit on the throne (using the Brag/Bewitch/Bamboozle skill).

Functionality: Grants the “Heavy is the Hand” effect, which grants +3 to Ranged Weapon Attacks.


Location: Ocean City – Gideon’s
Day Unlocked: 1

Defeat the owner of the glockenspiel store. The Glockenspiel is located on the far right of the store.

Functionality: Plays a random note when interacted with.

Small Birdbath

Location: The Big Moist – Barbara’s Hut
Day Unlocked: 4

Either complete Barbara’s side-side quest or defeat her in combat, and then interact with the birdbath on the left side of the house.

Functionality: Your bird familiar will sit and splash around in the birdbath.

Terrible Recliner

Location: S.I.T. Campus – Zeta Omega Omicron
Day Unlocked: 3

Found in the middle of the room; requires 6 Muscle.

Functionality: Grants the “Inherent Stink” effect, which grants +3 Stench Armor.

Potted Nightcrawler

Location: Crystaldream Lake – Grady’s Live Bait
Day Unlocked: 2

Complete Grady’s side quest.

Stick Monster

Location: Crystaldream Lake – Faerie Lair
Day Unlocked: 2

Found in the upper left-hand side of the lair.

Functionality: Grants the “Faerie Fisticuffs” effect, which grants +3 to Melee Weapon Attacks.

S.I.T. Pennant

Location: S.I.T. Campus – Main Lobby – Gift Shop
Day Unlocked: 3

Can be purchased for 50 meat.

Television Set

Location: N/A
Day Unlocked: N/A

Obtained by default.

Statue of You

Location: Gray Country – Puckwudgie Village
Day Unlocked: 5

Defeat all of the Puckwudgie buildings, including challenging the Apartment building at least one time.
Leave the area and come back in order for the statue to spawn.

Functionality: Grants your choice of a +1 Muscle/Mysticality/Moxie effect. The effect can be swapped out multiple times per day.

Thanks to emilyofjane for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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