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!!! Contains spoilers !!!

This guide describes how to obtain most (more under Info) badges for New Krucbury.

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Some badges are so straight forward that they’re not specified in this guide:

  • Back To the Marley (Use all Tears)
  • Choose your landing (Use all landing spots)
  • First Step (Finish the mission)
  • Risky Venture (Do not unleash a memory, i.e. don’t reload a quicksave)
  • Keeping the Balance (Kill both Custodes at the same time)
  • For All the World To See (Don’t use any hiding spots, i.e. bushes) (Doors/Caves/Water are fine)

Island Badges

Capture the Flag

Exchange the Inquisition flag for the Marley flag

The flag is located pretty much in the center of the island, but you have to interact with the mast the flag is mounted on:

Snuff the Flame

During a night mission, extinguish at least 20 different lights

For this, remember that guards carrying a lamp count as well. Otherwise it’s pretty much straight forward.

Cleaning House

Kill all guards within 3 minutes

This is a very hard to achieve badge (Personally I think it’s the hardest one, since you basically have to play flawlessly with time pressure, so it’s advanced speedrunning level). If you want to do it properly, I recommend looking for a playthrough video.

Otherwise, currently there’s an exploit in the game: Play normally and kill every guard except 1 and save right before killing him. Then go to the main menu. From there, load the first memory of the mission and right away quickload your latest save, which will bring you back to the last guard. When you then kill him, the game thinks you only played the mission for a couple of seconds because you “started” the mission when you loaded the first memory from the main menu. For this exploit, keep in mind that only a couple of saves/memories (I think it’s 20) are actually kept, so if you’re saving more than that, your first memory will be lost and the exploit doesn’t work.

Ritual Sacrifice

Kill 3 guards at the same time with a falling rock
Tied up guards don’t count

As the description states, you’re not allowed to tie up guards and just put them under the rock. I actually don’t know if it works if you just knock them out. But nevertheless, the badge is quite easy to get. There are enough guards you can lure (Acolytes) with different skills (e.g. Toya’s Bird’s Voice or Gaëlle’s Firecrackers) to the right position and then have another character placed above pushing the rock (Also remember, you can use shadow mode to prepare this action)


Full Picture

Collect all memory fragments

Pretty straight forward, but something this could be mistaken for is “play this mission multiple times and get the fragments you haven’t used last time”, but you can simply collect all memory fragments in one playthrough, even if you don’t need to collect more. Just go on collecting.

Right Under Her Nose

Kill the Iudex without touching any water during the mission

This seems to be a tricky/bugged one, because a lot of people stated they didn’t get the badge even when doing it correctly. For me personally it worked on the first try, so I can’t tell for sure.

Either way, be cautious and remember the little creek/stream coming from the center of the island. Here are the crucial moments for this badge:

Also, I recommend extinguishing the light in the middle here, giving you more time/freedom.

Just Leave It

Don’t pick any bodies

As the description says, don’t pick them up. But you still can use Suleidy’s Cover Seeds to hide the bodys, which might make it a little easier.

The Long Way Round

Don’t use the ladders at the shady beach

For this, I recommend having Afia’s upgraded skill Grand Blink. I’m actually not sure how else you could do this.

The Shady Beach is the landing spot, so I assume only the ladders there count, but I’m not a 100% sure. Simply use the skill right at the beginning on the Commisarius on the left and then jump down and go right to the Iudex (You don’t have to collect memories to get the objective from killing her)

Gaëlle’s Letter (Ch. 3)

Keep It Quiet

Finish the mission without using any guns

This is a no-brainer, but I want to mention that Gaëlle’s canon and Teresa’s Iron Judgement do not count into that.

Low Profile

Don’t attack anyone except the Commisarius that guards Arimtice.
Only have Gaëlle in your team

For this, remember to use Gaëlle’s Firecracker… a lot. It’s your most powerful tool here and absolutely necessary. The most tricky part here is the end, because there are multiple guards looking at the dock you need to go on to shoot Amitrice on the boat. Try to sneak as far as right behind the last guard. From there, you can simply run to the right position. As soon as Amitrice is landing on the boat, the mission is finished (No need to use a tear here).

Slipped Away

Finish the mission without attacking the Commisarius that guards Arimtice.
Only have Gaëlle in your team

One attempt is to simply distract the Commisarius with Firecracker, run to the door, go inside, get Amitrice and do the same again to get out. But the way easier way is to simply get to a location where you can suck him into your kanol as seen here:

No Distractions

Don’t use Gaëlle’s Firecracker.
Only have Gaëlle in your team

This one is probably the most tricky one here, because you can’t distract multiple guards on the same position. But what you can do here is tie up guards, put them in your kanol and shoot them near those guards to distract them.

Alternatively, if you’re confident enough to do this, you can use a speedrunner technique which let’s you kill 2 guards nearly at once with only Gaëlle:

Have your kanol loaded with a guard, go as near as possible to the group of 2 guards. Now, shoot your cannon at one of the guards, immediatly activate shadow mode and assign a knife kill to the other guard and execute. As soon as he’s dead, you can kill/tie up the other one. (Needles to say, actual speedrunners do this without shadow mode in between, but that’s some advanced stuff) Also remember, for this, there can’t be a guard around who may hear or see this tactic, so be cautious about that.

Thanks to Voit Peak for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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