Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew – All Developer Locations

Here is a guide on how to find all developers in the game.



This guide is still work in progress but I think in the next few days I can locate every developer in the game. I am nearly done with the game (only last few levels/tales) missing.
That´s why there are still some developers missing but I will update as soon as I find them. I will also put in the locations on the map overlay but for now I just made some screenshots. Feel free to ask if you have trouble finding them, or if you have found some I forgot :)General tips:
– Press “h” to highlight the enemies so you can see them better.
– Some developers hide themselves in different objectives on the same map. I wrote the “special”
appearances afterwards if they are only found on that specific map (hope I got everyone covered,
else you will see it on the screenshots(day/night))
– if you die while harming the developers it will count as badge-progress.Also there is a guide covering all the names of the developers on the different maps (Thanks @Bertie)

Before continue reading:

Avast… Spoilers ahead!

So, be warned and prepared while sailing through the seven seas!

Yo-ho-ho! A pirates life for me

General tips:
You have to use at least the difficulty level of “Legend” or you customize your difficulty level with “Enemy Setup” to max.

    Press “h” to highlight the enemies so you can see them better.
    There are several mob types scattered across the map. If you move your cursor over them you can see which mob it is. If it is a name, then you found a developer 🙂
    If you die while harming the developers it will count as badge-progress.

Morrows Reach

1) Juan Rojo (Mission 1)

2) El Slothaloto (“The Captains Treasure”: mission after completing 4 captains task)
3) Moritz “The Impenetrable” (“The Captains Treasure”: mission after completing 4 captains task)

4) Elisabeth Alba Larum (“The Captains Treasure”: mission after completing 4 captains task)

5) Abbe Dominus (“The Captains Treasure”: mission after completing 4 captains task)

New Krucbury

1) Decoriano Cereza
2) Catalina La Alegre

Twins of Nerechtemeresch

1) Rasmus “The unfortunate”
2) Filippus Compostor
3) Frido De La Sombra

Isle of Penance

1) Alicia Del Rojo
2) Mateo Alejandro Yamila

Dread Vines Cove

1) Criptico Das Cores
2) Juan Florido
3) Florino Igniculus

4) Fabio Del Rio

5) Tom Scurvylegs

6) Kaymondus (captains-test: “Suleidys Cure”, next to the first objective)

Iron Bay

1) Antonio Vapores
2) Matholomeus
3) Florencio Del Arbusto

4) Don Alejandro Morchin

5) Hambrosius Krausinger

Gran Alcazar

1) Bianca Da Dörrcenca
2) Sister Friede
3) Principe Felipe III

4) Basito El Amanuensis

5) Matar Cocolores

Anglers Grave

1) Cereveslarius Krautilus
2) Divine Nomis
3) Tati La Galletita

4) Felicitas Frivoli

5) Maria De la Cruz

6) Adriano In Flagranti

7) Perusinus (captains-tale: “Toyas Perfection”)

Calamity Reef

1) Juan Interno Corso
2) Beffan Fisher
3) Elena La Zorra Luz

4) Atormentador Tobinesk

5) Francisco Cemenez

Memory of the Grand Design

1) Olaf “El Cazador De Espiritus”

2) Philippus Rumoristus

3) Sebastian El Indesperado

All ye olde treasure maps

1) Morrows Reach:

2) New Kruckbury:

3) Twins of Nerechtemeresch:

4) Isle of Penance:

5) Iron Bay:

6) Dread Vines Cove:

7) Gran Alcazar:

8) Anglers Grave:

9) Calamity Reef:

10) Memory Grand Design:

Last Words

I hope you enjoyed my guide. If you find any part of this guide unsatisfying or there is something incorrect please comment below. And also feel free to comment with anything else.

A big thank you to the other guide authors for your work and of course the mateys that brought us these great games reminding me of my childhood and the many hours they brought me joy while solving the different obstacles 🙂

And if you don´t mind:
If you find those swashbuckeling developer-mateys on the maps, please don´t be too harsh on them. They need to continue making those great games 😀

Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

Thanks to Eirnin for his excellent guide; all credits belong to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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