Sexy Mystic Survivors: Weapon Evolution Chart

Weapon Evolution Combination, along with my experience/opinion of each weapon based on the initial release.   Weapon Evolution Weapon Remarks Sword x Damage Physical Melee (cursor) Availability: From Start Evolution 1: Endless Tide (Straight Line) Evolution 2: Crescent Blade (Screen Wide AoE) – Unlocked by Evolving the Sword once Remarks: Endless Tide has excellent Knock … Read more

Sexy Mystic Survivors Guide: Tier List, Builds, Playstyles, and etc

General info for builds and playstyles. Character Tier list with explanation. This guide is mainly for new players, who are having hard time with this game. In reality, this game is pretty easy, so if you are hardstuck somewhere, this means you are clearly doing something wrong. In this “mini-guide” i’l offer some info about … Read more